Around the Island

Camana Bay has been hosting some very special guests the past couple of weeks – all of Santa’s reindeer! On a recent visit, I noticed families looking for Santa’s four-legged friends (who were scattered throughout Camana Bay). The group I was with started looking, too...Read more
Silhouettes, dark shapes created by brilliant light bouncing behind a subject, are a beautiful gift from nature. They are simple, soul settling and can put us in a reflective mood. Here are 11 spectacular silhouettes that we’ve collected from around Grand Cayman to inspire you...Read more
Captain Allan Ebanks is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I feel like I’ve met him in a storybook or two, but never someone like him in the flesh. During a recent trip on his charter boat, he took my friends and I on an unforgettable...Read more
Get to know Grand Cayman better by treating yourself to a day of Cayman History. We’ve rounded up five fascinating, historical attractions (some well known and some not) that you can see in a single day trip. Check them out below! Pedro St. James Castle...Read more
If you haven’t experienced the Cayman Turtle Farm check it out next time you visit Grand Cayman! While it’s an absolute must for kids, it’s also a great time for adults. The Best Part! The most popular attraction? Holding baby turtles! Technically the turtles are...Read more
There is nothing as visually stunning as the colors of the Caribbean. They are vibrant, piercing and full of life. It’s amazing how they truly represent the island spirit and speak to the souls of those that dream of paradise throughout the day. One of...Read more
Have you ever rode a horse in the ocean? Until recently, I didn’t even know horses could swim, and soon thereafter I got to actually ride a horse as it swam in the ocean! Our friends at Pampered Ponies, in Grand Cayman, offer this unique...Read more
Christopher Columbus Condos is lucky to have a close community of owners, staff and returning guests. So when one of our own has something he or she is willing to share, we love to share it with this community and newbies alike. Russell (Rusty) Bloodworth,...Read more
Camana Bay is a modern, walkable community with lots of shops, restaurants, recreational areas and even some residential opportunities. The newly developed island town (on the west side of Grand Cayman island near Seven Mile Beach) has been in the works for approximately 8 years...Read more
The Cayman Islands has 17 unique bird sub-species that are endemic to the islands. Meaning these birds can only be found in the Cayman Islands and no where else in the world! While there are no endemic bird species in the Cayman Islands anymore, the...Read more