Around the Island

West Bay by E-bike
Do you like being in nature, enjoying a casually active morning, and learning about the makings of a place? If so, the West Bay e-bike tour offered by Paddle Wheel is a must on your next trip to Cayman. Even if you’re unsure, Ryan DeNoyer,...Read more
11 blossoms
With only 22 full days of summer left, we thought we’d look back at some of the bountiful blossoms Cayman has been graced with this year. While you will find gorgeous blooms on the island year round, you’ll find the most color and variety during...Read more
car on gravel road
What would you do with a full day in Cayman, all to yourself? On my last trip to Grand Cayman, I ended up with just that, a full day to myself (with no pre-made plans) and all of Cayman set out before me to explore...Read more
The Cayman Islands has over a millennium of rich history, but most of its history with humans began less than 400 years ago. In that time, Grand Cayman has gone from a remote island jungle to a busy stop for pirates and other seafarers, to...Read more
I recently discovered that Cayman has it’s very own semi-precious rock, Caymanite! I’m so excited to share more about this indigenous rock, and how all of you that love Cayman as much as I do can find a piece of it to take home with...Read more
You know what’s awesome about Cayman? It’s even beautiful when it rains . Most of the time, our rain comes and goes in quick spurts (lasting no more than an hour), but every once in a while, we get a day when the sun doesn’t...Read more
Last year, Christopher Columbus Condos was excited to become the first development on Seven Mile Beach to implement turtle-friendly lighting. Today, we are delighted to announce that thanks to this update, 142 baby sea turtles hatched on our beach earlier this week. A few weeks...Read more
Central George Town is home to an abundance of fun shops, delicious restaurants, and breathtaking ocean views, but did you know George Town is also home to some unique and interesting historic sites? Next time you’re in town on a mission to shop ‘til you...Read more
Ahoy mateys! It’s almost time for one of our favorite events of the year: Pirates Week. This unique, fun-filled festival is coming back to Grand Cayman November 7-11, and we couldn’t be more excited! Get ready to experience a family-friendly tradition full of spectacle, delicious...Read more
Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park , located on the island’s north side, combines two of our very favorite things about Cayman—incredible natural beauty and rich history! John Lawrus is the General Manager of Botanic Park, and we recently had the honor of taking a tour...Read more