Favorite Snorkel Spots in Cayman

blue fish swimming among coral
by Toni Keesee

Snorkeling in Grand Cayman is a must! We are very fortunate to have some of the best snorkeling right from our beach at Christopher Columbus Condos. You can get your fill at the condos— it's our absolute favorite ;) — or you can do some adventuring and check out a few of our other favorite spots to snorkel across the island, too!

Cemetery Beach/Reef

Just a half mile up the road from Christopher Columbus Condos, Cemetery Beach is a well frequented snorkel spot—great for beginners! Large rocky reef greets you almost immediately at the shore line and provides overhangs that fish like to hang around. Named for the cemetery it’s adjacent to, this beach and snorkel favorite is a unique place to visit not only for the great snorkeling, but also for the unique setting. To get to the beach most people park along the side of the road (near the cemetery) and then walk through a path in the cemetery and finally through a white wooden gate to the beach. You can also walk north on the beach from Christopher Columbus Condos, just remember a half mile walk on a sandy beach takes a bit longer than a half mile on solid ground (and works those calves!). 

gate at cemetery beach grand cayman


Sunset House

While known for its diving excursions, Sunset House is also a wonderful place to go snorkeling. We suggest checking out Cathy Church’s Photo Center and Gallery before heading in the water (enter the gallery through the back of the main office building). Here you can rent underwater camera gear, gawk at Cathy’s incredible ocean photography and if you’re lucky you might even get to meet Cathy herself! Once you’ve browsed through the photo center, grab your snorkel set and head out to the sea. Walk down the road between the large hut (My Bar) and the swimming pool. As you pass the pool you can't miss the gorgeous mermaid statue—she's a minature replica of the 9' Mermaid that's 50 ft underwater off the shore. You'll see the docks at the end of the road. Jump in the sea and snorkel up the coast to your left or right or snorkel outward. There's lots to see just right off this shore. Most going out to see the Mermaid are divers, but you if you're a great swimmer and confident in the ocean you can see her snorkeling on a high visibiility day. She's about a quarter mile off shore. Ask the Sunset crew for directions. 

mermaid at sunset house by pool


Smith’s Cove

An enchanting beach and hangout, beloved by locals, Smith’s Cove is a wonderful place to settle in for a morning, afternoon or day of snorkeling. The huge ironshore that juts out on either side of the cove is a serene site and creates the perfect setting for snorkeling. Bring your snorkel gear and a picnic basket (and leave your phone on DND). Swim, snorkel, relax and repeat all day long.



Make your way down the ladder at Macabuca for another great snorkel experience. When you first descend the ladder you’ll be swimming in a shallow cove area. You can spot lots of great marine life in the walls of the ironshore and all around the area. It’s fun to watch divers go out and come back in from their dives here, too. Sun Divers (on location) rents out snorkel and diving gear, so you can even show up without your own gear, rent some from Sun Divers and then head into the water. Once you’ve had your fill in the cove area you can swim out and go to the left or right. Swim along the shore line and you’ll see plenty of underwater life. Post snorkel, grab a drink and a bite to eat at our favorite island tiki-bar, Macabuca.

ironshore surrounding ocean pool


Cheeseburger Reef

How about a snorkel and burger? Head to the George Town Burger King for a nice snorkel; afterwards grab a snack at BK! Cheeseburger Reef, named for its proximity to Burger King, is a nice reef to snorkel out to. It does require a 40 yard swim, but if you’re used to being in the water and a confident swimmer it should be easy. And while it’s playfully named after Burger King it is actually easier to enter the water at The Lobster Pot just north of BK. The “Things to Do | Grand Cayman” website has a comprehensive writeup on the reef (and it includes an awesome underwater video). Check that out here.


Rum Point

Make your way to one of the most nostalgic and chill hangouts on the island—Rum Point. Known for their mudslides, Rum Point currently has small bites and a full bar. The site is undergoing a full renovation, so will soon (once again) have more to offer. It’s a beautiful place to perch for the day, and the snorkeling is really nice right off the shore!


Starfish Point

This one is all about the Starfish! Also on the North Side (just a hop from Rum Point) park in the public lot and then walk up to the beach and to your right. You can enter anywhere along the shore here and you’ll find starfish even just wading through the shallow water. You can snorkel out a few feet and you’ll see where the shallow water drops off and gets deeper. Here you’ll find more starfish—but be very careful swimming out past the shallow area as there are boats and jetskis that frequent the area. Don’t spend too much time out past the dropoff if you decide to check it out—we want you to stay safe! :)

bright orange starfish


Barrier Reef

This site is only accessible by boat, but you can join a tour group that stops here or charter your own boat! The site is quite literally a reef that serves as a barrier between the North Sound and the sea. This reef helps calm the waters of the North Sound and keeps it less turbulent than the open sea. The sound is home to a plethora of species. Snorkeling along the reef wall, you’ll spot a large variety of marine life. Just make sure you don’t go over the reef as the other side is the open sea!

blue fish among coral


Eden Rock

Eden Rock is another favorite snorkel spot right in George Town. Eden Rock Diving Center, named after the coral formations, is right on site and offers snorkel, dive gear and wonderful advice for entering the waters and getting the most out of your underwater adventure. You’ll see huge coral heads here, and accompanying marine life. If you’re an intermediate snorkeler, talk to the crew in the dive center about finding Devil’s Grotto!


Kittiwake Shipwreck

The Kittiwake is an intentionally sunk shipwreck right off of Seven Mile Beach. After searching for a ship to serve as an artificial reef, the Cayman Islands Tourism Association collaborated with the United States Maritime Administration to bring the decommissioned ship, the USS Kittiwake to Cayman to serve its final purpose. It’s a really interesting site to snorkel around. It does require a boat to get there. We suggest the “slide boat” with tour operator Paradise Pontoons—they’ll pick you up right on the Christopher Columbus Condos beach. And you will love the slide and fun floats included in the trip.


Spotts Beach

Spotts Beach (on the South Sound) is well known for sea turtle sightings. The turtles love the turtle grass that lines the shores here. Swim out and you’re bound to see other cool sea creatures too. Plus the beach is a great place to relax. A low-key beach with shady palm trees and great vibes. You’ll enjoy spending time in and out of the water.



Ready to enjoy some of the best snorkeling in the world?

Make a reservation with us at Christopher Columbus Condos and get to Grand Cayman! You'll love snorkeling at these favorites mentioned above, and of course right from our beach.