Chelsea Tennant in her element with a full food spread at a beachfront restaurant
The Island Epicurean , Chelsea Tennant, is your go-to source for the latest and greatest happening in the Cayman food scene. Covering the island known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean makes this project no small task! But Chelsea is always up for it,...Read more
aerial view of seven mile beach
Where is Grand Cayman? Grand Cayman, one of three islands that make up the Cayman Islands, is about 500 miles south of Miami, Florida in the Caribbean Sea. The island sits south of Cuba, northwest of Jamaica, east of Mexico and Belize and north of...Read more
chairs under umbrella in front of seven mile beach
1. We have pickleball & tennis courts! Did you know we have both pickleball and tennis courts available on our property? They’re directly across the street from our units. If the courts are free, simply enjoy, or ask our team in the office how to...Read more
drone photo seven mile beach
Seven Mile Beach, with its soft, white sand and flat, piercing blue water is one of most stunning beaches in the world. You could easily spend days simply relaxing on the beach, admiring its beauty and taking dips in its inviting waters. But if you...Read more
parrots inside a keepsake shop
We know you’re going to love every minute of your vacation in Grand Cayman and that you’ll want some mementos to bring home to remember your time here. So we’ve put together this handy list of souvenirs that we think you’ll cherish from the Cayman...Read more
front of boat on sunset cruise in North Sound of Grand Cayman
Sunsets in Grand Cayman are breathtaking—an otherworldly experience. If you’re planning a trip to Cayman, then you must experience at least one sunset on the water. In this post, we’ve put together a list of both group tours and private charter options for cruising the...Read more
farmers market product
Have a hankering for doing something local while in Grand Cayman? The Farmers' Market at Cricket Grounds is the perfect opportunity to check out a local market full of fresh produce, handmade goods, homemade bakery items and delicious food and drinks. Here are five reasons...Read more
couple on atv ride on beach
Barkers National Park, located at the north end of West Bay, is a beautiful area that consists of 277 acres of natural island landscape. I’ve driven a car through the park and taken a horseback ride into the park, but I’ve never seen so much...Read more
Laura with Perfectly Pampered
What’s better than a massage? How about a massage from the comfort of your condo on Seven Mile Beach? Laura with Perfectly Pampered (a luxury mobile spa) offers the option for you to enjoy this exact scenario while staying with us at Christopher Columbus Condos...Read more
two kayaks on dark ocean
Have you ever seen ocean water glow in the dark? If not, you need to reserve a trip to Bioluminescent Bay on your next trip to Grand Cayman. Both kayak and boat tours are available on specific nights of the month (when the sky is...Read more