yoga outside in the cayman islands
How much more zen can one get than being in Grand Cayman? How about being in Grand Cayman while doing a round of yoga outside? I recently had the pleasure of experiencing just this—an outdoor yoga session with Kiristen Cousins of Vitamin Sea . I’d...Read more
the iconic lovers wall in grand cayman
Turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, white sands and sunsets that not-even-Michaelangelo-could-compete-with all make Grand Cayman one of the most romantic places in the world. And that’s just the natural setting! Cayman also offers many romantic activities that couples can enjoy while here. Browse through ten...Read more
Daytrip to Cayman Brac
Have you been to Cayman Brac? If not, make room on your next Cayman itinerary for a day trip to this sister island. The slow pace, unique landscape, hiking trails, hermit crabs and more will capture your heart. I’ve been visiting Grand Cayman since 2013,...Read more
23 Things to Do in Cayman in 2023
With a new year, comes new goals. We’ve rounded up 23 that we think you’ll want to add to your list for 2023 below. See how many you’ve already done, and mark off those you haven’t this year! And if you need a place to...Read more
Cayman Parrot Sanctuary signage
One of the newest attractions on the East End, the Cayman Parrot Sanctuary is well worth the drive to the other side of the island. In addition to Cayman parrots, the sanctuary is also home to local agoutis, hermit crabs, guinea pigs, snakes, many additional...Read more
West Bay by E-bike
Do you like being in nature, enjoying a casually active morning, and learning about the makings of a place? If so, the West Bay e-bike tour offered by Paddle Wheel is a must on your next trip to Cayman. Even if you’re unsure, Ryan DeNoyer,...Read more
jerk chicken with red beans & rice and coleslaw
As the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean you have countless options for treating your taste buds when visiting Grand Cayman. While eating out on the island is highly recommended, there will still be times when you just feel like kicking back at the condos and...Read more
11 blossoms
With only 22 full days of summer left, we thought we’d look back at some of the bountiful blossoms Cayman has been graced with this year. While you will find gorgeous blooms on the island year round, you’ll find the most color and variety during...Read more
car on gravel road
What would you do with a full day in Cayman, all to yourself? On my last trip to Grand Cayman, I ended up with just that, a full day to myself (with no pre-made plans) and all of Cayman set out before me to explore...Read more
The Stingray City Sandbar is the number one attraction in the Cayman Islands, and for great reason. It’s a magical experience, awesome for kids and adults alike. Getting up close and personal with huge Southern Stingrays is a once in a lifetime experience. Some say...Read more