aerial view of seven mile beach
Where is Grand Cayman? Grand Cayman, one of three islands that make up the Cayman Islands, is about 500 miles south of Miami, Florida in the Caribbean Sea. The island sits south of Cuba, northwest of Jamaica, east of Mexico and Belize and north of...Read more
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We know you’re going to love every minute of your vacation in Grand Cayman and that you’ll want some mementos to bring home to remember your time here. So we’ve put together this handy list of souvenirs that we think you’ll cherish from the Cayman...Read more
Laura with Perfectly Pampered
What’s better than a massage? How about a massage from the comfort of your condo on Seven Mile Beach? Laura with Perfectly Pampered (a luxury mobile spa) offers the option for you to enjoy this exact scenario while staying with us at Christopher Columbus Condos...Read more
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If you’re looking for a kid-friendly place to stay in Grand Cayman look no further than Christopher Columbus Condos. Kids and their families love this place. Why is our vacation property so beloved by kids and families? Keep reading to find out. We’re on the...Read more
You know what’s awesome about Cayman? It’s even beautiful when it rains . Most of the time, our rain comes and goes in quick spurts (lasting no more than an hour), but every once in a while, we get a day when the sun doesn’t...Read more
Cayman Tours with Joe Tourist are Incredible Finding fresh guava, foraging for almonds, swimming with sea turtles, watching locals slap down dominoes, sipping a 7 Mile Wheat beer… the amount of firsts you’ll experience on a tour with Joe Tourist is incredible. If you’re looking...Read more
The calming sound of steady waves. The refreshing feeling of the ocean breeze. The warm sun reflecting off of the clear blue water. Sitting on the white, sandy beaches of Seven Mile Beach is one of my favorite things to do when I’m on the...Read more
This post was written with traditional honeymooners in mind, but we’d like to think that we all need a little “honeymooning” in our life. Yea, we just made that a verb! So whether you’re planning your first vacation as a married couple, you’ve been married...Read more
One of our very favorite comments to see guests post on social media, is “30 more days” or insert just about any number in the quotes! (Meaning 30 or however many more days until you and your family or friends get to join us at...Read more
Author’s note: West Bay Bike Loop Tours is officially closed. If you are interested in a unique biking experience on the island, we recommend Eco Rides on the East End. If you want to see the “real island” then biking the West Bay Loop is...Read more