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Tomorrow is the official opening of Conch Season, so we’ve asked some friends to tell us about their favorite conch dishes and reminisce on the importance of the conch in Cayman culture. Lisa, our Property Manager, likes to cook conch soup with her daughter, Delisa...Read more
Are you looking for a unique souvenir to remember your trip to the Cayman Islands? What about a piece of a rum bottle, sipped on by a great sea captain as he looked out over the waves on a full-moon night? Take some time to...Read more
Sometimes a girls trip is just what I need to relax, make a few wonderful memories, and eat delicious food with my favorite ladies. What better destination to do all of these things than Grand Cayman? Once we had the destination and our group finalized,...Read more
Camana Bay has been hosting some very special guests the past couple of weeks – all of Santa’s reindeer! On a recent visit, I noticed families looking for Santa’s four-legged friends (who were scattered throughout Camana Bay). The group I was with started looking, too...Read more
Get to know Grand Cayman better by treating yourself to a day of Cayman History. We’ve rounded up five fascinating, historical attractions (some well known and some not) that you can see in a single day trip. Check them out below! Pedro St. James Castle...Read more
Have you ever rode a horse in the ocean? Until recently, I didn’t even know horses could swim, and soon thereafter I got to actually ride a horse as it swam in the ocean! Our friends at Pampered Ponies, in Grand Cayman, offer this unique...Read more
When I first met Mrs. Nettie she was dancing. Mrs. Nettie loves to dance. She has the warmest personality and is the kind of person that you instantly fall in love with. She’s always smiling and laughing and welcoming new people into her circle. Mrs...Read more
You get off the airplane at Owen Roberts International, take a short drive to Christopher Columbus Condos and dash to the white sandy beach. Your toes hit the sand and you take a deep relaxing breath as you take in the beauty of the Caribbean...Read more
The Cayman Islands has 17 unique bird sub-species that are endemic to the islands. Meaning these birds can only be found in the Cayman Islands and no where else in the world! While there are no endemic bird species in the Cayman Islands anymore, the...Read more
woman using cell phone by ocean
Options with Your Own Phone When traveling to a foreign country, I always get a little nervous about whether or not my phone will work and if so how much it will cost to use abroad. I’ve heard enough crazy phone bill stories and had...Read more