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You know what’s awesome about Cayman? It's even beautiful when it rains. Most of the time, our rain comes and goes in quick spurts (lasting no more than an hour), but every once in a while, we get a day when the sun doesn’t seem to want to shine. For those days we’ve made a list of things you can do and ways you can enjoy a day in Cayman rain or shine!

Visit the Cinema at Camana Bay.

On a rainy day, there is nothing better than sitting in a dark theater eating a big tub of popcorn. As the only movie theater in Grand Cayman, a trip to the Camana Bay Cinema is a unique experience that features all the latest films, a packed concession menu, and comfortable seating. The state-of-the-art theater offers a cozy place to relax with the family out of the rain.

After the film, take a stroll through Camana Bay. Though the area is mostly outdoors, there are plenty of local shops to duck into such as 3 Girls and A Kiln, Forever Summer, and West Indies Wine Company. Stop by Books & Books to pick up some new reading material or board game for a night in at your condo. There are also plenty of restaurants to stop by for a snack or a full meal.

Experience the National Gallery

Stay dry and view some beautiful pieces of art at the National Gallery. This cultural hub features artists from all over the world, showcasing some truly stunning examples of visual art. From traditional Cayman artwork to internationally recognized masterpieces, the National Gallery is sure to amaze. You can easily spend a couple of hours moving from exhibit to exhibit, taking a moment to appreciate each brushstroke and sketched line. You can also check their calendar to see what fun events they have coming up for your family to enjoy.

Tour the Distillery

Have you ever wanted to see how your favorite spirits were made? At the Cayman Spirits Company Distillery Tour, you can! The 30-minute tour of the 5,000 square foot facility will give you a taste of how some of Grand Cayman’s favorite rums and vodkas are produced. The best part is you get to taste all of the results at the end of the tour. If you find one you like, you can bring it home for a nice drink on the beach later.

Have a Night In

The best part about staying at Christopher Columbus Condos (besides the views, of course!) is the fact that every unit has a fully stocked kitchen, television, and comfortable furniture making it the perfect place for a relaxing night in. Many of the condos come with fun board games you can enjoy. Head down to Foster’s to pick up the ingredients for a delicious home-cooked meal or order delivery pizza from Gino’s and then gather round for a movie. There’s no better way to spend an evening.

Pamper Yourself

Just because it’s dreary outside, doesn’t mean you have to be, too. Rainy days are the perfect days to focus on relaxing and getting in some self-care. Consider getting a massage, visiting a salon for a full mani-pedi, or get stretching at one of Grand Cayman’s yoga studios. If you’d rather stay in your condo, consider a homemade face mask you can make with simple kitchen ingredients like sugar, coffee, and honey. Let the face mask do its job while you kick back with a book and a cup of tea.

Try Some Place New

With so many restaurants to choose from on Grand Cayman, there’s bound to be one you haven’t tried yet. Here are some of our places to add to your list:

  • Yoshi: One of the only places to get authentic Japanese cuisine on Grand Cayman, you can’t miss Yoshi if you enjoy sushi, hibachi, or other Japanese favorites.
  • Boggy Sand Caribbean Kitchen: Located a short drive from Christopher Columbus Condos, Boggy Sand is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Their diverse menu offers a variety of American favorites, comfort foods, and Cayman dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for fish, pizza, a burger or a salad, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste buds. They even have vegetarian options!
  • Every Bloomin’ Thing: If you’ve never attended a traditional afternoon tea service, this could be your chance. The EBT Tea Room features an assortment of teas, sandwiches, and homemade pastries and scones making it the perfect place for lunch. Despite being the spot for a traditional tea, EBT prides itself on being a casual dining experience anyone can enjoy.
A delicious plate at Yoshi.

Go to the Beach Anyways

We aren’t here to tell you how to live your life, so if you’re feeling the beach, go for it! Hey, you’ll already be wet so what’s a little rain anyway? As any mom would tell you, just make sure swimming conditions are safe and no lightning is present.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

There’s no need to put your vacation on hold because of a little rain. Grand Cayman offers so many activities for visitors it would be impossible not to find something to keep you having fun while staying dry. Just remember to take a look outside after the rain has passed to see if you can spot a rainbow. It makes for the perfect photo. đŸ˜‰

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The calming sound of steady waves. The refreshing feeling of the ocean breeze. The warm sun reflecting off of the clear blue water. Sitting on the white, sandy beaches of Seven Mile Beach is one of my favorite things to do when I'm on the island—it's so relaxing!

But because I spend most of my time working around the clock, it can be somewhat difficult to switch off. Even when I'm in vacation mode, it's hard for me to stop on a dime because I'm used to going 90 miles per hour.

So, as relaxing as the beach is, I need something to help occupy my mind while I'm taking in the sights and sounds of the Caribbean. Last time I visited Christopher Columbus Condos, I brought along several book options and learned a few things about beach reading that I wanted to share for your next trip to the island.

1. Bring Sunglasses

This may seem obvious, but when you settle into your favorite spot on the beach, spread out your belongings, and open up your book, you'll soon realize that you need some shades.

Even if you're under a cool, shady cabana, the sun will find a way into your eyes—the ocean is known for reflecting that glistening sunshine. After I broke my only pair of sunglasses, my beach reading experience was all but over.

If you're in need of a new pair of sunglasses, I found a good selection at Cost U Less, which is only a few minutes down Esterley Tibbets Highway from the condos. I bought two pairs to be safe and raced back to the beach.

2. Apply Sunscreen, Then Read

If you're under a cabana, the sun may not be an issue, but if you plan on reading on the beach for more than 20 minutes, be sure to apply sunscreen BEFORE you settle in.

There's nothing worse than getting sunscreen all over your book—except maybe a severe sunburn.

3. Bring More Than One Book

When I'm at home, I tend to read for 20-30 minutes a few times per week, so it takes me a long time to finish a book. This is not the case when you’re beach reading!

I flew through my first book and didn't have a backup.

My wife, on the other hand, brought three books along and read over 1,000 pages. Unlike me, she knew what she was doing. But if you do find yourself in need of a good book, the next two tips have you covered.

4. Visit a Local Bookstore

If you came to the island without a book or cruised right through the only book you had on hand, you could always visit a local bookstore. My favorite was the Book Loft at the local Humane Society.

Not only will you find a great selection of used books for your beach reading adventure, but you’ll also be supporting precious animals in need on the island. Buy some great books AND support cute animals? Yes, please!

5. Try Audiobooks Instead

Remember how I raced through my book and didn't have anything left to read? Well, one of my vacation buddies told me to try an Audiobook instead.

My first reaction was, "But I won't be able to hear the ocean."

His response was awesome, "Yeah, but you'll be able to see it instead."

While you're reading your book, you can only see your pages, and you can see those at home, right? You came to an island for the breathtaking views and audiobooks allow you to take it all in while you listen to an excellent book.

Best of all, if you have a problem concentrating on your book when other people are around you, an audiobook will cover up those sounds as well.

Even better than that, if you've never used Audible, you can get a free trial here and download two free audiobooks. If you have a local library, download Overdrive and check out ebooks and audiobooks for free before you leave for vacation.

6. Bring Earbuds or Earplugs

If you're an early riser and get out to the beach early, you're going to find peace and quiet. You'll be able to relax while you listen to the gentle waves and chirping birds.

But as the day moves on, more people will make their way out onto the sand.

Some people can tune out the chit chat of other beach goers, but I'm not one of those people. Luckily I had earbuds, Spotify, and WiFi access courtesy of Christopher Columbus Condos.

7. Waterproof Everything

Whether it's a hardback book, e-reader, or a smartphone, it's always a good idea to waterproof everything that you can.

You never know when you might drop your book or spill your favorite cocktail, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can make DIY book covers or buy waterproof cases for your phone or e-reader on Amazon.

Soak It In and Enjoy!

So, there you have it—a few lessons I learned the hard way. If you're planning to do some serious beach reading on your next trip, following these tips is going to make an amazing experience even better.

Did I miss any tips you've picked up in your travels? Drop them in the comments below. I'd love to hear them.


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Pizza is one of the ultimate crowd-pleasing meals, and when you’re visiting the island you will be spoiled for choice on where to enjoy your next slice. We busted out our foodie journals and tested several pizza places across the island to bring you these recommendations—it was a difficult job, but someone had to do it! :)


Best Salad to Go Along With Your Pizza

As soon as you walk in the doors of Cimboco, you’ll be warmly welcomed by delicious smells of crust being baked in their brick oven. In addition to crisp, Roman-style crusts, they also boast the best Caesar salad on the island, which is served in a chilled bowl and comes with the perfect crouton to lettuce ratio. Be careful, though—you just might be dreaming of Cimboco's for weeks to come! 

Recommendation: BBQ Jerk Chicken Pizza  

The Brooklyn

Top Post-Shopping Power Up 

A must-visit when you stop by Camana Bay to shop, The Brooklyn has a huge selection of specialty pizzas, like the nacho, the bacon double cheeseburger, the Hawaiian, and the chicken tikka, in addition to your standard build-your-own options. Their trendy decor is certainly Instagram-worthy, plus you can watch your pizza bake right before your eyes in their brick oven. They also have gluten-free crust available upon request.

Recommendation: The Fun Guy (featuring 3 different mushrooms and truffle oil)

Boggy Sand Caribbean Kitchen

Closest Pizza Fix

Located just a couple minutes down the road from CCC, you can get your pizza fix the very quickest at Boggy Sand. A TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winner, you’re certain to love their beautiful decor and cheery service in addition to some top-notch ‘za. Served on a pizza board with an olive oil-covered crust, these pizzas are definitely something to write home about.

Recommendation: Margherita (mozzarella and fresh basil)

Casanova Ristorante

Authentic Italian

For a wholly authentic Italian dining experience, enjoy your meal on the waterfront in Georgetown at Casanova. Really do it up and order a glass of wine or some Limoncello to go along with your delicious pizza—you won’t regret it!

Recommendation: Focaccina (Garlic and Rosemary)

Gino’s Pizzeria

Delivery Right To Your Condo

After a long day splashing in the ocean and sightseeing, you might be ready to kick back, relax in your condo, and have the pizza come to you. Gino’s Pizzeria will deliver their signature pizza, pastas, salads, and sandwiches right to your door at CCC in West Bay—all with no delivery fee!

Recommendation: Gino’s Classic (double pepperoni!)


Pizza + Live Music

If you’re looking for some quality entertainment while you enjoy your next piping hot slice of pizza, XQ’s is your place! Every Thursday XQ’s is host to live music by Jeff Japal in their piano bar, and they have a huge TV where you can watch live sports or special events like UFC fights. Plus, they also deliver to West Bay. 

Recommendation: The Godfather (sausage, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, onions, smoked gouda, and tomatoes—oh my!)


Pizza Right on Seven Mile Beach

Soak in all the beautiful sights and sounds of Seven Mile Beach at Alfresco’s in West Bay. A quick drive from the condos, Alfresco’s is famous for their outdoor dining and local fare like turtle stew and oxtail, but we’re pretty big fans of their pizzas, too! Build your own pizza by choosing from premium toppings like calamari, Gorgonzola cheese, roasted garlic, and more, or keep it simple with a meat lovers or vegetarian pizza—and whole wheat crust is also available upon request.

Recommendation: Seafood pizza (smoked salmon, shrimp, and lobster)

Hungry Yet?

This just scratches the surface of some of the amazing pizza options you can find in Grand Cayman. Which pizza is your favorite—did we miss your go-to spot? Let us know where we should check out next in the comments below.

**And if you’re feeling like a familiar taste of home or have a picky kiddo with you, American staples like Pizza Hut and Dominos are also available for dine-in and delivery.
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Countdown to Cayman

One of our very favorite comments to see guests post on social media, is “30 more days” or insert just about any number in the quotes! (Meaning 30 or however many more days until you and your family or friends get to join us at Christopher Columbus Condos.)

We love these comments because we know it means you're so excited that you're literally counting down the days. And we don’t blame you. Grand Cayman is the best place in the entire world. Although, we may be just a little biased. ;)

So, whether you are about to make your first trip to visit us or you are coming back for the 5th time, we thought it would be nice to share a few creative ways to countdown to Cayman and build on the excitement.

Craft time!

  1. Make a Dry Erase Sign

Print out a sign with any words you want and put in a glass frame! Grab a dry erase marker and update the number everyday.

Download our PDF here

spotify island playlist
  2. Create Your Own Pineapple Countdown

A tropical twist on a classic construction paper craft. You'll need scissors, a pencil, tape and of course, construction paper. Take off a ring each day, and when it's gone it's time to go to the beach!

Get Instructions


  3. Eat One Treat a Day

This idea is both delicious and helpful for kids to see how much time has passed and how much is left before your big trip! Fill up a jar with whichever candy or snack you choose. With each day that passes by eat one piece of the snack inside until the day you leave for your Cayman Vacation!

Download the Printable


  4. Download a Countdown App on Your Phone

There are a ton of options for both Android and iPhone users to download an app and carry their countdown to Cayman reminder with them wherever they go! We like the Dreamdays (iPhone app & Android app) because you can customize your event background with your own photos. (You can also use backgrounds provided with the app for 99¢.)

If you use any of the ideas above or if you've done something else to countdown to Cayman we would love to see it! Use the hashtag #loveccc and #countdowntocayman and we may feature your post on the Christopher Columbus Condos social media pages!

Hopefully these tips add extra excitement before your trip, and if you don't already have a trip planned get to planning over on our Availability and Rates page!

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Cayman is for the KIDS!
I think it’s fair to say that most adults who get even a small glimpse of Cayman’s magnificent views and vast ocean want to immediately book their next vacation here.

The big question: is it a good destination for both the adults AND the kids? You better believe it.

If you need more convincing than just me saying so, (I’m not sure why you would ;)) here are 5 reasons your kids will love vacationing in Cayman just as much as you.

1. Christopher Columbus Condos Kiddie Pool

Let’s start real close to home, shall we? With our zero-entry kiddie pool even your littlest ones can take a safe dip in the water. The small pool is conveniently located between the gazebo and larger pool, not to mention in a prime location right next to the toy chest we like to keep stocked for our pint-sized friends. 

2. Cayman Turtle Centre

If the kids in your family love animals, the Cayman Turtle Centre is a must-visit attraction! This centre is both entertaining as well as informative with the Education Centre teaching about turtles and their history in Grand Cayman. Even better, if you happen to visit during breeding season (May-October) you just might witness a new hatchling coming up through the sand of their incubation boxes!

Of course, the most popular experience for kids at the Turtle Centre is the Touch Tank Wading Pools. In these special pools, your kids can get in the shallow tank with the turtles and briefly pick them up! Talk about a perfect photo opp.

3. Atlantis Submarine Dive

Most activities in Cayman will include water for obvious reasons, and although this example is no exception, you will stay completely dry! Speaking from personal experience, the Atlantis Submarine Dive is a great way to explore all the mystery and beauty that lives underwater. The Atlantis tour is also a great alternative to scuba diving if you have children that are too young or apprehensive. The submarine is pressurized so there is no discomfort and the crew follows a list of safety procedures. Submarine dives are also offered both day and night.

Read more about Atlantis Submarines Tours

4​Stingray City

Don't let the name scare you. These Stingrays are incredibly friendly and love visitors. Especially visitors that bring food! Arguably the most popular attraction on the island, Stingray City is a one-of-a-kind way for you and your kids to get up close with Stingrays in their natural habitat. You can reach down to pet their soft skin as they swim by and feed them. Many catamaran tours visit Stingray City and take your picture with one of the local stingrays!

5. Paddle boarding
Another activity that can be enjoyed on the CCC beachfront is Stand Up paddle boarding, a.k.a SUP. This activity could take a little trial and error for those who struggle with staying balanced, but still provides a ton of fun. Many SUP rentals in Grand Cayman will also deliver the boards to Christopher Columbus and pick them up when you're done. 

If you imagined your kids taking part in any or all of these island activities then your family vacation planning is already halfway complete. Oh, and if you need a place to stay we've got you covered there too! 
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1. Macabuca in West Bay (Waterfront), $$ 

You'll love the chill island vibes at this waterfront bar in West Bay. Watch divers make the plunge from the side of the bar as you enjoy a tasty taco or burger, and don't miss ordering a homemade ice cream sandwich for dessert! Visit Website

macabuca sign

2. Casa 43 in Seven Mile Beach Area, $$

Ever since discovering this unique Mexican kitchen we can't get enough. They've got amazing guacamole, homemade tortillas and arguably the best Mojitos on the island! Visit Website

3. Da Fish Shack in Georgetown (Waterfront), $$ 

Want a delicious bite to eat on the waterfront while watching cruise ships come into Georgetown? Da Fish Shack never disappoints, and is a great place to grab your first lunch in Cayman. The view of the Caribbean is beautiful and the deck somehow always has a perfect breeze. Visit Website

da fish shack food and drink

4. Chicken Chicken in Seven Mile Beach Area, $

This is a fun and quirky little restaurant with counter service. Their award-winning Caribbean Chicken will delight your taste buds and senses. As soon as you walk in you'll see chickens on a rotisserie and a sitting area that's decorated in traditional Cayman house style. Visit Website

5. The Brooklyn in Camana Bay, $$

You'll love the food and the urban vibe inside this pizza joint. The interior decorations are seriously beautiful and juxtapose, and you'll enjoy a wide variety of pizza options including my personal favorite The Orchid (poached pear, prosciutto, gorgonzola, toasted walnuts and truffle honey drizzle). Visit Website

the brooklyn pizza and pasta

6. Tortuga on Seven Mile Beach (Waterfront), $$

Get a taste of the swanky life at the Tortuga beachfront restaurant at The Westin. Grab a booth, beach bed lounger (with canopy) or pull up a chair poolside for a quick bite and drinks. Visit Website

7. Thai Orchid in Georgetown, $$

If you need a place to get your sushi fix then look no further than Thai Orchid. The ambiance isn't much out of the ordinary, but the food is VERY tasty and will leave you satisfied. Apart from the sushi, the Thai dishes are well worth ordering, too. Visit Website

Thai Orchid

8. Czech Inn Grill in Bodden Town, $$

The Czech Inn Grill is a cool new pit stop you can check out while you're adventuring on the East End. Add this to your list for your next trip! Visit Website

9. Rankin's Jerk Center in Bodden Town, $

Rankin's is a popular local spot serving up authentic Cayman dishes and affordability. We got lunch for 5 people for about $60 CI and that not only covered the meal but fresh fruit smoothies for all! Visit Website

10. West Bay Diner in West Bay, $$

This tiny, home-style diner serves up hearty Caribbean dishes including fresh catches from the sea and some more interesting options like Ox Tail! Visit Website

west bay diner

11. Catch in West Bay (Waterfront), $$$

You'll love the upscale yet laid back atmosphere at Catch. Order a bottle of wine and watch the tide roll in at their sweet spot on Morgan's Harbor. We recommend the Seafood Pappardelle, Lobster Benedict or the classic Cayman Style Fish with coconut rice (yum!). Visit Website

12. Sunshine Grill in Seven Mile Beach Area, $$

This is such a happy little place tucked just off West Bay Road in the Sunshine Suites Resort. You'll feel like you've found a hidden gem when you walk past the poolside patio and into the screened-in restaurant area. Their fish tacos are to die for and you're always treated to a mini-ice cream cone on the house at the end of the meal. Visit Website

drinks at sunshine grill

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Are you dreaming of the Cayman Islands? Whether you're yearning to return or hoping to come for the first time, these 9 ideas will take you to warm palm tree breezes, soft, white sand and salty beaches filled with the crystal clear, blue water that only Cayman can offer. They'll help you "be" in Cayman even when you're not here.

  1. Make tropical cocktails!

Nothing sets the mood like a couple of tropical drinks! Whip a few up for you and some friends with our recipes here and you're sure to feel the island vibe.

spotify island playlist
  2. Put an island playlist together.

Want to feel it in your soul? Add some Marley, Buffett and Santana and you'll have the start to a perfect island playlist! Don't have time to put a playlist together? You can listen to my Spotify list here.

  3. Read a Cayman book.

Books help us transcend our surroundings. Read A Cayman Childhood Remembered and you'll be in Georgetown with a sweet little girl who runs barefoot, knows the name of every island tree and loves her Caymanian family.


  4. Cook a Caymanian dish.

Take your tastebuds to Cayman with this yummy Caymanian Coconut Dinner. And if you're lucky enough to have access to conch then try this recipe for Conch Fritters that Cayman Luxe just posted.

coffee mug on beach hut table
  5. Brew coconut coffee.

Drift to the seaside with a cup of Coconut infused coffee from Paradise Coffee. Pick up a bag to take home with you on your next trip, and in the meantime get your fix by adding coconut milk or oil to your morning cup of Joe.


  6. Hang a painting.

Put a painting up that reminds you to slow down. This one of Seven Mile Beach does just the trick for us! You can paint your own like our friend Rusty did, or purchase a painting from a local vendor next time you're on island.


  7. Watch a film set in Grand Cayman.

Travel to Cayman with Tom Cruise in The Firm or give indie film Haven a go. While there aren't a ton of options at this time, CayFilm is hoping to change that by getting the word out that Cayman is a world-class filming destination. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a romantic comedy! 

heart in sand
  8. Set your desktop or mobile background to a scene from Seven Mile Beach.

Get in a Cayman state of mind at work or every time you check your phone! Save this image for your desktop background or set it as your phone screensaver.

underwater photo of girls with sand dollars
  9. Make a list of things you want to do on your next trip.

If you make a list then you'll surely want to check it off! Dream a little Cayman dream and pick out things you want to do on your next trip. Need more ideas? Head on over to our Things to Do page.

Hopefully these 9 tips will take you to a place where worries don't exist! And when these tips don't give you your temporary Cayman fix then it's time to book a condo, catch a plane and take a seat on Seven Mile Beach!

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Aside from the breathtaking scenery and the friendly people you meet on the island, one of my favorite parts of visiting Grand Cayman, is all the delicious food to choose from! There's the freshest seafood of course, authentic Italian, Mexican and so much more. You could dine out every night for a week and still not make a dent in all the food Cayman has to offer your willing taste buds.

What happens though, if don't want to go out for every meal or you're tired from a fun filled day on the beach? I say, take a trip to the grocery store first thing and when the time comes you can put that fully equipped kitchen in your condo to good use! 

While staying on the island there are great options to choose from when picking a grocery store. Even better, they are close to the condos! 

Here are the top 3 grocery stores I recommend stopping by to fill up your condo with quick snacks or ingredients to make a delicious meal for a night (or day) in.

1. Foster's Food Fair (Republix Plaza)

Foster's grocery store is your typical go to grocery store. They have a good selection of the food you're used to as well as food unique to the island, all at very affordable prices. This particular Foster's location also has a Priced Right  attached if you find yourself needing more than food. (Does anyone else forget to pack at least 1 thing when they go on a trip?) Priced Right is a warehouse shopping environment similar to Sam's Club or Costco.

Miles from Christopher Columbus Condos: 1 
Hours: 7am-11pm
*Closed on Sundays

2. Kirk Market 

I went to Kirk Market on my second trip to Cayman and was very impressed by the overall look, feel and selection. The store was so clean and organized, which I personally appreciate. Kirk Market's prices are a little bit higher than Foster's, so you'll want to keep that in mind when choosing which store to visit. 

Miles from Christopher Columbus Condos: 5
Hours: 7am-11pm
*Closed on Sundays

3. Hurley's 

If you happen to be in George Town and want to stop at a grocery store on your way back to CCC, Hurley's is a good option. Full disclaimer, Hurley's is the only store I haven't personally visited on this list however, from their website and Facebook page (and their motto) I can tell they are ALL about fresh food. Fresh produce, fresh seafood and freshly prepared entrees and sides ready to eat.

Miles from Christopher Columbus Condos: 8
Hours: 7am-11pm
*Closed on Sundays

Final tip: While you're at one of these stores keep your eyes peeled for the unique differences between the products and brands they carry on the island. It's fun to discover new treats and can be an educational trip if you have any kiddos in tow.

Happy Shopping (and eating)!

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I've heard that you can save quite a bit of money when booking your flights and car rental together for Cayman, so I decided to look into it. My research showed that sometimes you can get a great deal and sometimes you can actually end up paying more! So how do you know when you're getting a deal and when you're not? We've laid out tips for the top 3 travel booking websites below.

Orbitz, Travelocity & Expedia

From my research I found total savings around $200, but I also found that you can pay up to $200 more for a car rental if you choose a car that doesn't note a savings. You will find slight variations in savings offered, but all three websites work exactly the same, so the tips below apply to all three.

  • I never found significant savings on flights-maybe a few cents here or there, but from my research all of the savings was found on the car rentals. 
  • Once you get to the Car selection if there are any savings available there will be a green check mark with a message that reads "Save up to $___ when you book your Flight + Car together."
  • However, make sure that the car you Select has an actual savings because they show you all cars not just ones with savings. If there is a savings, the original price will be marked out and your savings will be noted in green text right above the Select button for that car.
  • By default your car selections are organized by Price, but if you want to see Package Savings first you can click to sort by that option.
  • Finally, when you are finalizing your booking you should see a line item for "Savings for booking together" in your fee summary. If you don't see this line item, then you are most likely not saving anything and quite possibly paying more.

If you have a choice in airlines and/or departure airports check out package deals with all departure options. I found the car rental savings vary depending on which airline you use and where you're coming from. Flights with Cayman Airways had some really awesome car rental deals.

I couldn't figure out their exact algorithms as results changed slightly depending on so many variables, but hopefully the tips above will prevent you from over-paying on "package deals". The good news is that either way, you will still end up chilling out with us on Seven Mile Beach where all your worries can fade away.

Also, read why we recommend renting a car. 
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Map data ©2016 Google

Driving to Christopher Columbus Condos from Owen Roberts International Airport? Follow the route below to easily navigate your way. In 14 minutes (without traffic), you’ll arrive at our Cayman paradise. 

  • Head West on Roberts Dr. toward N. Breezy Way (1 km)
  • Turn Right onto Dorcy Dr. (500 m)
  • Turn Left onto Portland Rd. (500 m)
  • Turn Right onto N. Sound Rd. (140 m)
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Esterly Tibbetts Hwy (2.5 km)
  • At the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Esterly Tibbetts Hwy (750 m)
  • At the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Esterly Tibbetts Hwy (1.1 m)
  • At the next roundabout, take the 1st exit and stay on Esterly Tibbetts Hwy (850 m)
  • At the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Esterly Tibbetts Hwy (900 m)
  • At the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Esterly Tibbetts Hwy (1.1 km) 
  • At the next roundabout, take the 1st exit onto W Bay Rd. (800 m)
    • Christopher Columbus Condos will be on the left after 800 m. Look for the red turtle!
    • 2013 West Bay Road, KY1-1102, Cayman Islands

Time to get excited...we can't wait to see you!

You can also follow these directions directly on Google's interface here.

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