5 Reasons to Go to the Farmers’ Market at Cricket Grounds

farmers market product
by Toni Keesee

Have a hankering for doing something local while in Grand Cayman? The Farmers' Market at Cricket Grounds is the perfect opportunity to check out a local market full of fresh produce, handmade goods, homemade bakery items and delicious food and drinks. Here are five reasons we think you’ll love going to the market.

1. It’s a haven for local fruits & veggies

At the farmers market one can expect to find huge avocados, coconuts, mangoes, scotch bonnet peppers, bananas, and much, much more—all fresh and locally grown! Go early in your trip and pick up fresh island produce to snack on throughout your time here. You’ll not only find great grocery produce, but you’re also likely to find something you’ve never tried before—perhaps a starfruit?

food at farmers marketEstela's Snack bar is popular among locals for quick bites as it's open Mon-Sat from 10-3. Photo courtesy Chelsea Tennant.

2. It’s great for a quick breakfast or brunch

Grab a homemade bakery item from one of many stalls, a smoothie from the Ziggy food truck or fill up with something savory at Chef Sara ‘n’ Tings stall, Estela’s Snack Bar or Liberty Restaurant’s stall. Chelsea Tennant of Island Epicurean says she is “obsessed with getting [Chef Sara Mair-Doak’s] Caribbean filled tacos” at Sara ‘n’ Tings, and that Sara is also “famous for creating breadfruit tacos.” Those Caribbean filled tacos she’s talking about? Think oxtail, smoked pork, Cayman style beef, curried conch and ackee & saltfish. Liberty Restaurant is well known for both their Caymanian cuisine and Caribbean flavors. Estela’s Snack Bar serves fare from many cultures such as Honduran, Caribbean, Filipino and Chinese food. Their empanadas and Island Taste patties are very popular. Hungry yet? Once you select your breakfast of choice, enjoy a walk-about through the market while you munch on your food. The tastes and ambiance of the market make for the perfect morning.

breadfruit tacoCayman Style Beef Breadfruit Taco from Chef Sara 'n' Tings Stall. Photo courtesy Chelsea Tennant.

food stall at farmers market at cricket groundsLiberty's Restaurant serves Caymanian & Caribbean cuisine. Photo courtesy Chelsea Tennant.

3. It’s a wonderful source for handmade essentials

In addition to produce, you’ll find handmade essentials like lotions, face masks, natural deodorant, shampoo, soap and more from crafty vendors. Many use local flora to create their small batch products, so not only are they hand made here, but they’re also made with ingredients grown on the island.

Zena at her stall with natural productsIntroduce yourself to ‘Healthy Alternatives Cayman’ stall owner, Zena. Her homemade bread is divine, and she has many natural body products handmade in the Cayman Islands.

4.It’s a hotspot for finding local souvenirs

While vendors vary from week to week, you are bound to find some authentic souvenirs at the market. And the best part is you usually get to buy them directly from the person that made them. Whether you’re buying a keepsake for yourself or a gift for someone else you are sure to walk away with something that can be found only in Cayman. Think Caymanite or conch jewelry for stylistas, silver palm thatch gifts for cultural romantics, locally made coconut oil and hot sauces for foodies, handmade essentials for the eco-minded and more.

handmade caymanite and conch jewelry

5. It’s a uniquely Cayman experience

For many Caymanians a weekly trip to the Farmers’ Market at Cricket Grounds is habitual. It’s a part of the local fabric and an easygoing tradition. Being such a small island many run into people they know, so there’s a great sense of community at the grounds. And while there are of course farmers markets all over the world, you will not find the vendors at Cricket Grounds anywhere besides the Cayman Islands. It’s your opportunity to try locally grown food, locally curated dishes and locally crafted products.

The farmers’ market is open Monday-Saturday from 7:30 am - 6:00 pm, although many vendors are not present on the weekdays, so Saturday is the ideal day to go. We suggest getting there early if you have your heart set on something specific as some items do sell out.