10 Fun Facts About Christopher Columbus Condos

chairs under umbrella in front of seven mile beach
by Toni Keesee

1. We have pickleball & tennis courts!

Did you know we have both pickleball and tennis courts available on our property? They’re directly across the street from our units. If the courts are free, simply enjoy, or ask our team in the office how to reserve to ensure your play time. Pack your gear, pick some up at Sports Supply in Gallery Plaza once here or see what Jenica and Josephine have available in the office.

2. We are outside of the “Hyatt Highway” cloud

During the rainy season (May-November) there’s a rain cloud that forms nearly everyday on the east end of the island that then heads over to the central/south end of Seven Mile Beach and drops a quick rain shower. We are happy to say we are outside of what people colloquially call the “Hyatt Highway.” The rain cloud almost always ends at what used to be the Hyatt Hotel, now another hotel on island.

3. We’re on the quieter side of SMB

We love that we are on the quieter side of Seven Mile Beach. In general there are less crowds on the north side of Seven Mile Beach where our condos are located—mainly because we aren’t surrounded by high rise hotels like the south side of Seven Mile Beach. Our beachfront is incredible, and it’s wonderful to enjoy it with less dense crowds.

4. Only 30 Units = Lots of beach for you!

Speaking of less people, we have a huge beachfront and only 30 units which means you get more beach to you and yours. That means plenty of room to spread out and enjoy!

5. Snorkeling from our beach is world class

Love snorkeling? Walk straight into the ocean from our beach, pop your head underwater and you will find beautiful fish. Swim straight out, and you’ll find even more! What’s even better is that the beach bottom directly in front of us is soft and sandy, but if you swim over to the right of our property there are some rock formations that attract all kinds of cool sea life. Read this post for tips from one of our long time owners on how to get the most out of a snorkel at CCC.

6. Turtles nest here a lot

Did you know that sea turtles come back to the same spot every year to nest, AND that they come back to nest on the beach where they were hatched? Isn’t that incredible!

We are so fortunate to be a frequent destination for nests during nesting season (May-September). If you are lucky enough to be here when a nest is on-site you’ll see some friendly markers around what appears to be a mound of sand. If you’re super fortunate and you’re here when the turtles are due to hatch you may be able to watch the little hatchlings swim out to sea, led by the light of the moon.

The Department of Environment monitors nests across the island and are able to pinpoint when they will hatch. The night of the big event they oversee the hatchlings as they emerge to make sure they have a safe journey to the ocean. They will allow guests to participate as onlookers. Just remember to only use red light and no flashes as artificial light can confuse the turtles’ sense of direction.

7. We were the first development on SMB to adopt Turtle Friendly Lighting!

Sea turtles use the light of the moon to guide them to the ocean, and this is why artificial light can mess with their internal sense of direction. So as you can imagine lights from properties on Seven Mile Beach can get little hatchlings turned around and headed inland towards danger instead of towards the ocean they need for survival. We are proud to hold the honor of being the first property development on SMB to have installed Turtle Friendly Lighting. We’re happy to share that others followed suit, too. You can read more about the lighting project here.

8. Kids love this place

According to past guests like Dede D. our property has a “semi-private” feel which is perfect for kiddos. Kids love our big pool deck, and there’s even a kiddie pool for the youngest of youngsters. There’s plenty of room to spread out and play on the beach. Plus we have a green area between the condos and the pool that kids love to use to kick a soccer ball back and forth on or play any number of casual games on. Read more reasons kids love this place over on this recent post.

9. One of our owners is a talented water colourist

One of our owners has painted many beautiful scenes from across the island. He sets up in plein air style and then uses watercolors to interpret what he sees on canvas. View some of his incredible artwork here.

10. Each unit is individually owned and uniquely decorated

All of our units are individually owned and decorated by the owners. Each unit is unique, giving the property unique character and a homier feeling than a hotel. Check out the inside of each unit from our booking page.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these fun facts about Christopher Columbus Condos. Our property is one of the best on Seven Mile Beach. Read more about the amenities available here. And then make a reservation for your stay in paradise here. We can’t wait to host you!