11 Things to do on Seven Mile Beach

drone photo seven mile beach
by Toni Keesee

Seven Mile Beach, with its soft, white sand and flat, piercing blue water is one of most stunning beaches in the world. You could easily spend days simply relaxing on the beach, admiring its beauty and taking dips in its inviting waters. But if you like to get out and about, the beach is also a happening place! We’ve rounded up a list of things you can do on this world-renowned piece of paradise. Keep reading to discover the wide variety of activities that await you on SMB.

1. Watersports

The calm, crystal clear waters of Seven Mile Beach make the perfect canvas for family watersports! Enjoy paddleboard sessions, kayak trips or simply floating on a raft. You can rent all of this gear from a place like Paradise Paddles or Adventura Cayman and have it delivered directly to your condo at Christopher Columbus Condos. Vitamin Sea also offers some of this gear for rental, and they offer beginner paddleboard lessons and even paddleboard yoga! Red Sail Sports is another operator to check out. They offer banana boat rides, wakeboarding and waterskiing on Seven Mile Beach as well as jetski rentals.

2. Boat cruises

Soak up all the glory of Seven Mile Beach while kicking back on a boat. Cruising up and down one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is nothing short of a luxury. Book a cruise on SMB with operators like Salt Watersports or Red Sail Sports. Or take it up a notch and book a private charter (Paradise Pontoons & Salt Watersports both offer private rentals).

3. Eat, eat, eat

Take a nice walk down the beach to Cocolobo at The Kimpton or take a ride to one of the plethora of amazing restaurants along the south end of Seven Mile Beach. Trendy hotel restaurants & bars line the beachfront in this area. Try Tillie’s & Paradise Pizza at Palm Heights, Luca at The Caribbean Club, Saint June at The Ritz or Ferdinand’s & Tortuga at The Westin. If you’re feeling more casual hit up food trucks at Public Beach for grab and go deliciousness.

tables on the beach


4. Get a massage

You can have a wonderful massage at CCC thanks to Perfectly Pampered’s mobile service, or you can enjoy the full spa treatment at the spas located in The Westin, Ritz or Kimpton resorts. With Perfectly Pampered you can receive your massage from the comfort of your condo, and all three hotel spas are full of luxuries. You can’t go wrong.

5. Walk

Want to see Seven Mile Beach in all its glory? Soak it up with a long walk on the beach. It’s the simplest acts that allow us to experience nature’s beauty to the fullest, and you’ll feel this with each step you take along this stretch of paradise.

6. Watch the sunset

Another simple act, and one we implore you to experience as much as possible is watching the breathtaking sunsets on SMB. Grab a bottle of wine or your favorite drink, and take a seat on our large beachfront for a daily show like no other.

sunsetting on gorgeous beach

Sunset from the balcony of one of our units on Seven Mile Beach.

7. Snorkel

You can find some of the most brilliant snorkeling right from our shores here at CCC on Seven Mile Beach. There’s also fabulous snorkeling at Cemetery Reef at the far north end of SMB. And you’ll need a boat ride (we suggest Paradise Pontoons), but the Kittiwake Shipwreck is also located out at sea off the north end of Seven Mile Beach.

8. Walk a Dog

We’re walking again, but this time with a four-legged friend. The Cayman Islands Humane Society allows anyone that loves dogs and is willing to sign a waiver to take one of their dogs for a walk. And guess what? You can take them to Seven Mile Beach! The exercise is great, and these fur babies love the much needed attention and TLC.

9. Plan a Picnic

Picnics are such a sweet activity. Plan one for your special someone or enjoy a full spread with the whole family. You can head to Fosters right up the road and grab your own supplies or indulge and hire Graze Girl to make all your picnic dreams come true.

10. Read a Book

Reading on the beach is one of life’s simple luxuries. Set up under one of our huts with your current favorite, and let the light sea breeze and sound of the waves coming in and out serve as your transcendent backdrop.

11. Play a Game on the Beach

Enjoy games like frisbee, bocce ball, bags and more on our beachfront. Paradise Paddles has a large selection of beach games available for rent. If you like Volleyball head over to Public Beach for a round at one of the volleyball courts, then catch a drink at Cocolobo or a quick bite at one of the food trucks nearby.

Relax in Awe on Seven Mile Beach

There’s lots to do on Seven Mile Beach. Have fun with these activities, but don’t forget to also take time to be still and soak up the beauty of this majestic stretch of the sea. Seven Mile Beach is truly a tropical paradise. Pull up a seat and enjoy! Make a reservation with us today to enjoy your vacation on Seven Mile Beach!

looking out over pool and seven mile beach

Looking out over our pool to Seven Mile Beach.