In the Water

The Stingray City Sandbar is the number one attraction in the Cayman Islands, and for great reason. It’s a magical experience, awesome for kids and adults alike. Getting up close and personal with huge Southern Stingrays is a once in a lifetime experience. Some say...Read more
It’s one of Grand Cayman’s most popular destinations—Stingray City. Whether you’ve been coming to Cayman for decades or you’re planning your very first time, Stingray City offers unique joys to experience each and every visit. We’ve put together a rundown of the highlights to help...Read more
It’s no surprise that Grand Cayman offers many water-based sporting activities for anyone looking to have an ocean adventure. However, for repeat guest Susan Corbitt and her husband, paddle boarding is so much more than a sport. It has served as a source of tranquility,...Read more
I think it’s fair to say that most adults who get even a small glimpse of Cayman’s magnificent views and vast ocean want to immediately book their next vacation here. The big question: is it a good destination for both the adults AND the kids?...Read more
My first trip out to Stingray City was a huge day of firsts for me—first time on a boat in the ocean, first time petting a stingray, first time holding a starfish, and first time snorkeling. Even on a day full of amazing new experiences,...Read more
Tomorrow is the official opening of Conch Season, so we’ve asked some friends to tell us about their favorite conch dishes and reminisce on the importance of the conch in Cayman culture. Lisa, our Property Manager, likes to cook conch soup with her daughter, Delisa...Read more
Have you ever been on a vacation or taken part in an activity where you can pinpoint a specific person who was vital in making the experience a memory you will cherish forever? For myself and many others visiting Stingray City for the first time,...Read more
I’m going to dive into my first submarine experience with a lot of honesty and a little bit of a backstory. During my first trip to the Cayman Islands in the fall of 2015, one of the main activities I looked forward to the most...Read more
Deep in the mangrove forests you will find blissful shade, interesting wildlife and peace for days. My fiancé and I recently took a kayak tour with Sea Elements through the Central Mangrove Wetlands of Cayman, and it’s an activity I would highly recommend. Our tour...Read more
Have you ever rode a horse in the ocean? Until recently, I didn’t even know horses could swim, and soon thereafter I got to actually ride a horse as it swam in the ocean! Our friends at Pampered Ponies, in Grand Cayman, offer this unique...Read more