This month we feature a young CaymanKind! Tariq is 7 years old and a Year 2 student at Savannah Primary School. He was born in Cayman and is Caymanian on both sides of his family tree – in fact his maternal great-grandfather is National Hero...Read more
Jorge (left) and Josh (right) are both scuba instructors living in Cayman. Both men lead dives for DNS Diving. Jorge moved from Columbia to work as a diver in Cayman and Josh’s entire family moved to Cayman from the United Kingdom when he was 14...Read more
Lisa Hernandez has worked at Christopher Columbus Condos since 1998. She is the property manager here at Christopher Columbus Condos, and she, along with her staff keep this place shining. When you first speak with Lisa you’ll notice her sweet Caymanian accent, her extremely attentive...Read more
Today, we met a roadside produce salesman named Courtney. We were on our way back from the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, and his stand was on a remote, rural stretch of road between Bodden Town and George Town. We came around a curve, and...Read more