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The calming sound of steady waves. The refreshing feeling of the ocean breeze. The warm sun reflecting off of the clear blue water. Sitting on the white, sandy beaches of Seven Mile Beach is one of my favorite things to do when I'm on the island—it's so relaxing!

But because I spend most of my time working around the clock, it can be somewhat difficult to switch off. Even when I'm in vacation mode, it's hard for me to stop on a dime because I'm used to going 90 miles per hour.

So, as relaxing as the beach is, I need something to help occupy my mind while I'm taking in the sights and sounds of the Caribbean. Last time I visited Christopher Columbus Condos, I brought along several book options and learned a few things about beach reading that I wanted to share for your next trip to the island.

1. Bring Sunglasses

This may seem obvious, but when you settle into your favorite spot on the beach, spread out your belongings, and open up your book, you'll soon realize that you need some shades.

Even if you're under a cool, shady cabana, the sun will find a way into your eyes—the ocean is known for reflecting that glistening sunshine. After I broke my only pair of sunglasses, my beach reading experience was all but over.

If you're in need of a new pair of sunglasses, I found a good selection at Cost U Less, which is only a few minutes down Esterley Tibbets Highway from the condos. I bought two pairs to be safe and raced back to the beach.

2. Apply Sunscreen, Then Read

If you're under a cabana, the sun may not be an issue, but if you plan on reading on the beach for more than 20 minutes, be sure to apply sunscreen BEFORE you settle in.

There's nothing worse than getting sunscreen all over your book—except maybe a severe sunburn.

3. Bring More Than One Book

When I'm at home, I tend to read for 20-30 minutes a few times per week, so it takes me a long time to finish a book. This is not the case when you’re beach reading!

I flew through my first book and didn't have a backup.

My wife, on the other hand, brought three books along and read over 1,000 pages. Unlike me, she knew what she was doing. But if you do find yourself in need of a good book, the next two tips have you covered.

4. Visit a Local Bookstore

If you came to the island without a book or cruised right through the only book you had on hand, you could always visit a local bookstore. My favorite was the Book Loft at the local Humane Society.

Not only will you find a great selection of used books for your beach reading adventure, but you’ll also be supporting precious animals in need on the island. Buy some great books AND support cute animals? Yes, please!

5. Try Audiobooks Instead

Remember how I raced through my book and didn't have anything left to read? Well, one of my vacation buddies told me to try an Audiobook instead.

My first reaction was, "But I won't be able to hear the ocean."

His response was awesome, "Yeah, but you'll be able to see it instead."

While you're reading your book, you can only see your pages, and you can see those at home, right? You came to an island for the breathtaking views and audiobooks allow you to take it all in while you listen to an excellent book.

Best of all, if you have a problem concentrating on your book when other people are around you, an audiobook will cover up those sounds as well.

Even better than that, if you've never used Audible, you can get a free trial here and download two free audiobooks. If you have a local library, download Overdrive and check out ebooks and audiobooks for free before you leave for vacation.

6. Bring Earbuds or Earplugs

If you're an early riser and get out to the beach early, you're going to find peace and quiet. You'll be able to relax while you listen to the gentle waves and chirping birds.

But as the day moves on, more people will make their way out onto the sand.

Some people can tune out the chit chat of other beach goers, but I'm not one of those people. Luckily I had earbuds, Spotify, and WiFi access courtesy of Christopher Columbus Condos.

7. Waterproof Everything

Whether it's a hardback book, e-reader, or a smartphone, it's always a good idea to waterproof everything that you can.

You never know when you might drop your book or spill your favorite cocktail, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can make DIY book covers or buy waterproof cases for your phone or e-reader on Amazon.

Soak It In and Enjoy!

So, there you have it—a few lessons I learned the hard way. If you're planning to do some serious beach reading on your next trip, following these tips is going to make an amazing experience even better.

Did I miss any tips you've picked up in your travels? Drop them in the comments below. I'd love to hear them.


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There are a plethora of amazing activities to enjoy on Grand Cayman island, and while we recommend you get out and experience the island, we also highly suggest that you take at least one peaceful day to just stay at the condo. After all, you are on vacation, and in order to truly unwind you need a restful day at "home". Here are 15 things to do at Christopher Columbus Condos on your day in.

  15. Cook a Family Dinner

There's something special about making a meal with our own hands and eating that meal with our family and friends around a dinner table. Add the view of our beach to the mix and life's delectable.

Tip: For the perfect ambiance, leave your patio door open to add the sounds and smells of the fresh sea to your evening.

  14. Make a Splash in the Kiddie Pool

The Kiddie Pool is an absolute favorite among the youngsters that stay at Christopher Columbus Condos. It's a zero entry pool of water with a small, mosaic water fountain in the center that kids love to splash in.


  13. Play Bocce Ball and Other Games

Get in some friendly competition by playing bocce ball on our beach. Pepper a volleyball back and forth. Or go old school and play tic tac toe in the sand.

Tip: Bring your own game gear or purchase from local dive stores or supermarkets on the island.


  12. Go Snorkeling

Our guests are always tickled with the amazing snorkeling available right from our beach. The water is crystal clear and there is a lot of exciting marine life to see.

Tip: Check the chest by the pool for snorkeling gear. Many guests leave accessories behind for others to enjoy. You can also pick gear up at local dive shops.


  11. Enjoy Lunch Under a Cabana

Set up shop beneath one of our many thatched huts for lunch or any meal. They're also perfect for enjoying homemade cocktails under. Buy fresh coconut or lime from a local produce stand or farmers market to add a little island zest to your dish or drink.


  10. Look for Sea Glass, Rocks & Shells

Take an afternoon walk and keep your eyes peeled for beautiful sea glass, rocks and shells. Sea glass, which is simply glass that has been broken and sanded down by waves, is used by many artisans to create unique jewelry pieces.


  9. Read or Write by the Pool

Sink into a good book, thumb the pages of a magazine or get out your notebook and start writing. Being surrounded by Caribbean beauty provides inspiration, so it's a great time to write about your dreams and goals.

Tip: Not a writer? Try list making first. It will help you literally piece off your ideas one by one, and before you know it you'll have a page of valuable notes!


  8. Sip Coffee on Your Patio or Balcony

Ah, yes! The simple joy of sipping on a cup of Joe while outside in your pajamas can't be missed. Add a family member or friend to the equation and enjoy great conversation while soaking up the morning sun.

  7. Order Authentic Italian Pizza and Eat In

The pizza on Grand Cayman Island is ahhh-mazing! Order a pizza and enjoy it together at the family table or take it out onto the beach and eat under one of our thatched huts.

  6. Watch a Sunset on the Beach (with Wine!)

Grand Cayman Sunsets are marvelous, and arguably the most beautiful in the world. Spend at least one evening appreciating every second of a sunset on our beach, and for added tranquility add a bottle of wine!

  5. Get on a Paddleboard

Stand up Paddleboarding is so much fun! Glide over the top of the Caribbean Sea while getting in a little workout, and keep your eyes peeled for exciting marine life below. Companies like Cayman Stand Up Paddle Co have boards for rent and will even deliver them to our condos for your use! 

  4. Go Crab Hunting

Alright, alright we know this one isn't for everyone, but we have seen plenty of kids and those young at heart have a blast looking for crabs on the beach. It's best to look with a flashlight at night as they're more active then. And NO WORRIES these little guys won't bother you if you don't bother them. In fact, you probably won't even see them unless you're looking for them. :)


  3. Take Family Photos on the Beach

During your day in, save some time to take photos with the family! You'll cherish these forever, and there are so many beautiful options on our beachfront.

  2. Take a Walk at Twilight

Walks on the beach may sound a little cliche, but it's one cliche we'll never give up. There's nothing as wonderful and peaceful as listening to the tide, step by sandy step while looking out over the expansive Caribbean Sea. Breathe it in on a solo journey, or take it stride by stride with a loved one.


  1. Pull Chairs up to the Shoreline

After your walk grab one of our smaller lounge chairs (they're easy to carry) and set yourself up by the shoreline. Simply sit and give thanks for the surrounding beauty while letting the tide wash over your feet.

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They should call the pool at Christopher Columbus Condos, The Pool of Tranquility. After a morning of island outings I decided to pay it a visit. I loaded up my tote with the usual: sunscreen, reading materials, water and snacks and headed for their gorgeous, recently remodeled pool. I settled in on one of many available lounge chairs and let the relaxing commence.

As I lay there the light breeze, soothing sounds from the water fountain and beautiful view of the Caribbean Ocean welcomed me to a wonderful place of peacefulness. I pulled out my InStyle magazine, but quickly decided to rest my eyes on the skyline of George Town buzzing just a couple miles away. The perfect Cayman sun beat on my face, and I closed my eyes for several minutes filled with feelings of gratitude and joy.

I took a dip in the pool and swam several laps in the refreshing water. The deep end had an underwater seating bench along the side of the pool that was really nice for resting. 30 minutes later I climbed out of the pool and returned to my chair for round two of relaxation. There's something to be said for taking the time to let the island sun dry droplets of water from your skin. It's that awesome feeling of knowing you have all the time in the world - no rush, no worry - and it's something you'll want to repeat time and time again. The relaxing environment and location on Seven Mile Beach poises the pool at Christopher Columbus Condos as one of the best pools in the Cayman Islands.

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