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Pizza is one of the ultimate crowd-pleasing meals, and when you’re visiting the island you will be spoiled for choice on where to enjoy your next slice. We busted out our foodie journals and tested several pizza places across the island to bring you these recommendations—it was a difficult job, but someone had to do it! :)


Best Salad to Go Along With Your Pizza

As soon as you walk in the doors of Cimboco, you’ll be warmly welcomed by delicious smells of crust being baked in their brick oven. In addition to crisp, Roman-style crusts, they also boast the best Caesar salad on the island, which is served in a chilled bowl and comes with the perfect crouton to lettuce ratio. Be careful, though—you just might be dreaming of Cimboco's for weeks to come! 

Recommendation: BBQ Jerk Chicken Pizza  

The Brooklyn

Top Post-Shopping Power Up 

A must-visit when you stop by Camana Bay to shop, The Brooklyn has a huge selection of specialty pizzas, like the nacho, the bacon double cheeseburger, the Hawaiian, and the chicken tikka, in addition to your standard build-your-own options. Their trendy decor is certainly Instagram-worthy, plus you can watch your pizza bake right before your eyes in their brick oven. They also have gluten-free crust available upon request.

Recommendation: The Fun Guy (featuring 3 different mushrooms and truffle oil)

Boggy Sand Caribbean Kitchen

Closest Pizza Fix

Located just a couple minutes down the road from CCC, you can get your pizza fix the very quickest at Boggy Sand. A TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winner, you’re certain to love their beautiful decor and cheery service in addition to some top-notch ‘za. Served on a pizza board with an olive oil-covered crust, these pizzas are definitely something to write home about.

Recommendation: Margherita (mozzarella and fresh basil)

Casanova Ristorante

Authentic Italian

For a wholly authentic Italian dining experience, enjoy your meal on the waterfront in Georgetown at Casanova. Really do it up and order a glass of wine or some Limoncello to go along with your delicious pizza—you won’t regret it!

Recommendation: Focaccina (Garlic and Rosemary)

Gino’s Pizzeria

Delivery Right To Your Condo

After a long day splashing in the ocean and sightseeing, you might be ready to kick back, relax in your condo, and have the pizza come to you. Gino’s Pizzeria will deliver their signature pizza, pastas, salads, and sandwiches right to your door at CCC in West Bay—all with no delivery fee!

Recommendation: Gino’s Classic (double pepperoni!)


Pizza + Live Music

If you’re looking for some quality entertainment while you enjoy your next piping hot slice of pizza, XQ’s is your place! Every Thursday XQ’s is host to live music by Jeff Japal in their piano bar, and they have a huge TV where you can watch live sports or special events like UFC fights. Plus, they also deliver to West Bay. 

Recommendation: The Godfather (sausage, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, onions, smoked gouda, and tomatoes—oh my!)


Pizza Right on Seven Mile Beach

Soak in all the beautiful sights and sounds of Seven Mile Beach at Alfresco’s in West Bay. A quick drive from the condos, Alfresco’s is famous for their outdoor dining and local fare like turtle stew and oxtail, but we’re pretty big fans of their pizzas, too! Build your own pizza by choosing from premium toppings like calamari, Gorgonzola cheese, roasted garlic, and more, or keep it simple with a meat lovers or vegetarian pizza—and whole wheat crust is also available upon request.

Recommendation: Seafood pizza (smoked salmon, shrimp, and lobster)

Hungry Yet?

This just scratches the surface of some of the amazing pizza options you can find in Grand Cayman. Which pizza is your favorite—did we miss your go-to spot? Let us know where we should check out next in the comments below.

**And if you’re feeling like a familiar taste of home or have a picky kiddo with you, American staples like Pizza Hut and Dominos are also available for dine-in and delivery.
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One of the best questions you get to ask while visiting Cayman is “where are we going to eat next?” Boggy Sand Cafe is a Caribbean-inspired restaurant, located in the Jacques Scott Market Place, just 1 km from Christopher Columbus and next to the West Bay Foster’s Food Fair. In addition to knock-your-socks off food, the best part of my Boggy Sand experience was getting to meet Farah.

Upon first arriving at Boggy Sand Cafe, we were greeted with a huge smile by Farah, who would be our server. She seated us among an array of cheerful purple and green flower arrangements and joked we could take photos for the restaurant’s TripAdvisor page. Her warmth and humor were magnetic, and before long we were chatting.

Farah is from Jamaica originally, and she came to Cayman in the 1990s to work. When it comes to the island, she “loves everything about it,” from the peaceful atmosphere to all the friendly people, locals and tourists alike. "It's a very nice place to work." Farah has been at Boggy Sand as a food and beverage server since the restaurant opened, around one year ago. She said she’s big fan of the restaurant’s Caribbean menu and it’s bright and modern decor. In her down time, you can find Farah at the gym, where she likes to keep fit and active by doing little bit of everything—weightlifting, cardio, you name it.

While we waited for our food, I noticed that Farah checked on the other guests often, happily making conversation and asking questions with her dynamite smile. Since she seemed to enjoy the aspects of her job so much, I asked her what drew her to serving. “I have a passion for food and service. I love it, so I’m doing it!” she said with a laugh. Making people feel at home and comfortable is one of her great joys, and she loves to be around lots of people. Plus getting to meet so many new and different people at the restaurant is a big perk.

When it comes to the menu at Boggy Sand, you will be spoiled for choice. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as daily specials featuring extra Caribbean flair. Farah said her personal favorite dish is the jerk chicken, which she says is little spicy, but not overwhelming. Jerk chicken made its way to Cayman from Jamaica, so it also serves as a reminder of her home. 

If you’re looking to really shake up your next meal, Farah recommends the turtle stew, an authentic Cayman dish, adding “you have to be adventurous!” when you’re choosing your vacation eats. My personal recommendation is to start off with some spinach dip, which is served with fantastically seasoned sweet potato chips, and then check out their pizza menu. I had the margherita and I still dream of it now that I’m home—there's no skimping on basil at Boggy Sand!

Farah made us feel so welcome and taken care of during our visit that we didn't want to leave! Though Caymankindess radiates from all around the island, Farah's warmth and cheer was above and beyond. Next time you visit CCC, take the short trip down the road to Boggy Sands for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—or maybe even all three! Be sure to say hello to Farah and ask for her menu recommendations for the day.

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Cayman Girls Trip

Sometimes a girls trip is just what I need to relax, make a few wonderful memories, and eat delicious food with my favorite ladies.

What better destination to do all of these things than Grand Cayman? Once we had the destination and our group finalized, we also had to plan for travel and arrival times. With 9 women arriving on 3 separate flights on the same day, this step was an absolute necessity! 

After everyone made it to the island safely, we headed to Christopher Columbus where our refrigerator was already stocked with all of our special food needs to get us through the week, thanks to Kayann Stephens of My Kayman Concierge.

Later that night, our first dinner of the week was delivered to our condo by Angelo Guizio, owner of Edoardo’s Italian Restaurant – mouth watering dishes, no prep and easy clean-up!

When day two came, we were ready to soak up some sun and feel the sand between our toes! All it took was a few steps out of our room onto CCC's private beach.  

After a full day lounging on Seven Mile Beach we were ready for dinner. Tonight's stop was Calypso Grill  in West Bay. Thanks to Marcos Ebanks and his big taxi/van for nine (almost like it was made for us), there were no parking hassles at one of the most popular restaurants on the island! After a week of delicious eating, the ladies declared Calypso Grill to be the favorite!

On day three it was time for some serious shopping! The group headed to Georgetown to hit the jewelry stores. Kirk Freeport even brought out the champagne when they saw the sales adding up! Thanks Raj and Susan. The shopping wasn’t over without a stop at Camana Bay with lunch at The Brooklyn, and a look at the island from the sixth floor observatory Tower. The beautiful underwater mosaic mural wall makes for the perfect photo background. It is a truly beautiful work of art – not to be missed. Our dinner that night at Morgans, on the water at The Cayman Islands Yacht Club, was a perfect way to end the day.

Day four was our day on and in the water, boating to Stingray City, snorkeling the coral reef, lunch at Kaibo, and a stop at Starfish Point. Kayann, our concierge, came through once again. She set us up with Captain Chris Bailey of Cayman Adventure Tours, and sent us off from the Yacht Club with a platter of fresh fruit and warm wishes for a great adventure. Captain Chris took amazing professional photos of each of us with the stingrays, and got even the most fearful comfortable enough to kiss the rays!

After an amazing day on the water, dinner was a joint effort by all back at the condo, with each of us ready to relax for the evening. This girls trip turned high school slumber party on more than one night. What better way to enjoy the company of good friends, than sitting around in our PJs, sharing stories, and drinking wine? (Well, maybe that wasn’t part of high school!)

A long standing tradition at Christopher Columbus is the beach barbecue by Chef John. The chef, now in his 80s, with help from his many family members, serves a meal of chicken, ribs, salads, rice and beans and homemade pies that would be the envy of every backyard (in this case, beachside) cook! With a picture perfect sunset photo, Lisa, our office manager, was on hand to record our last night together before four of the girls headed home the next day.

Managing our five, but missing the four who went home, we journeyed to the South Sound for another shopping/browsing stop at Pure Art. This place is a must – a bit of old Cayman with a quirky and totally charming collection of everything from fine art to fun jewelry, beach signs, and accessories for the island home. After Pure Art, the serious shoppers were still in shopping mode, so we made a stop at the tee shirt shop, Sun Dog, and the Kennedy Gallery to view more fine art. 

During this trip, we had our share of delicious island cuisine accompanied by a myriad of tropical cocktails and plenty of wine, although the best part was making memories with friends. Kayann, our concierge, came through one last time after learning our interest of the benefits of coconut water, stopped by the condo with coconuts. They were peeled and ready for a straw, one for each of us. We found they tasted best when a splash of rum was poured into each – do the health benefits still prevail? We like to think so!

The best part of our girls trip was being together in a beautiful setting, laughing, sharing life stories, making new ones, and strengthening friendships. The trip was such a success, we are planning to return in two years to celebrate some milestone birthdays. And what better place to do it than this island paradise!

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At Casanova Italian restaurant in George Town "Mariana will make that happen" is a common phrase. Probably because Mariana DOES make it happen.

What is it? Anything you could possibly think of. Mairi Ann or "Mariana" as the owner Tony and the Italian wait staff call her, is a jack of all trades with a constant smile on her face. (Her actual job title is personal assistant to the owner Tony, which means she is the hiring manager, events & wedding coordinator, handles any business with the government and more.) No is not an answer for Mairi Ann, she takes care of whatever needs to be done, and is more than happy to do so if it means creating a more enjoyable experience for Casanova guests. 

Originally from Toronto, Mairi Ann moved to Grand Cayman island in the early 90's. It was at that time her obsession with Casanova's food and service began. She soon became a regular, frequenting the restaurant at least twice a week, quickly building a close relationship with Tony who became like a brother to her.

"I couldn't get enough of the goodness!"

Four years later, Mairi Ann was once again living in Toronto and traveled back to Cayman for a visit (and some delicious Italian food) during the holidays. By this time, Tony & his brothers were temporarily based out of Café Mediterraneo, due to Hurricane Ivan's 2004 destruction of the original Casanova's location. It didn't take long for Mairi Ann and Tony to fall back into old rhythms, and it was during this special visit that Tony offered for Mairi Ann to join the Casanova family. 

"The warmth of their welcome and their wonderful memory of me, I felt right at home."

Once the rebuilding was complete, Casanova's officially reopened in December 2006 and has been at their current waterfront location, where Mairi Ann began working in the office, ever since.

After talking to Mairi Ann for a short time, it became very clear that she believed in the quality of food and hospitality Casanova's provides to every customer who walks through their door.
Mairi Ann truly embodies the warm and welcoming CaymanKind spirit of those who live on the island.
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The Brooklyn Sign in Camana BayWhen you first walk into The Brooklyn, you'll instantly fall in love with the stylish interior. It's urban, hip and welcoming. The lighting is perfect, with large windows on the left of the main dining area letting in natural light and lights with over-sized lamp shades hanging at just the right height above the crowd. There are also beautiful wood tables, cool distressed bar stools, walls in trendy colors, an amazing tin-style ceiling and lights that spell out BRKLYN on the ceiling off to the right in the smaller dining area.

When I walked in with a group of friends, we were greeted by a friendly host and were seated at a corner table with an awesome street-style painting poised directly above the table. The subject in the painting oozed style and confidence.  We started off with a round of waters and then dove into the white wine and local beer selection.

We heard that pizzas were their thing, but the waiter assured us that the appetizers, pastas and entrees were just as delectable. I browsed the pizzas and saw specialty choices like the "Jammin'" pizza that featured jerk chicken and the "Fun Guy" that touted truffle roasted mushrooms as one of the toppings. They also had dependable favorites like Pepperoni, Four Cheese, Supreme and Meat Lovers.

Lights spelling out BrklynTheir pasta and entrees did look very appetizing, too. The pasta choices included the trusty Spaghetti and Meatballs and Chicken Alfredo and bolder choices like the Hearty Seafood Linguini that had four different seafood meats: clams, mussels, shrimp and salmon. Among the entrees there was a Roasted Chicken dish with mushroom marsala sauce, asparagus and mushroom truffle risotto (can you tell I'm obsessed with mushrooms?). I also spotted the Braised Beef Short Rib that came with garlic potatoes and a lemon and garlic-sautéed spinach.

I ended up going with the Jammin' chicken pizza. Two of the other ladies ordered the Orchard pizza and The Brooklyn Wedge salad to split. Another friend ordered the Goat Cheese salad and the final order was the chicken Brooklyn Sandwich. While we were waiting on our main dishes the waiter brought us bread poised perfectly in a terra cotta planter. The volume of the bread sat right atop the planter, and we all agreed it was a cute touch.

Jammin' Pizza from The BrooklynWhen the orders came, we were ready to dive in! The blend of BBQ sauce, jerk chicken, mango and veggies on my pizza was a wonderful medley for the taste buds. I'd rate the spice at about a medium, so if you like spicy food but can't handle super spicy then this will still definitely work for you. The small bits of mango really helped knock the spice down. I also bartered a piece of my pizza for a piece of the Orchard pizza. It was a savory pizza that included poached pear, prociutto, gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and a truffle honey drizzle (where is an OMG emoticon face when you need one?). It was so rich and delicious. The keepers of the chicken Brooklyn Sandwich and Goat Cheese salad had nothing but great things to say as well.

After taking what seemed like our 50th photo of the food, I felt the need to confess that we were taking photos for the Christopher Columbus blog for fear of being judged for the eccentric amount of photography. The waiter laughed and said not to worry. We chatted for a bit, and I discovered that he had actually moved to the island to take advantage of the new job opportunities with the opening of The Brooklyn and of course to enjoy this island which he had fallen in love with. The manager came over to check up on us, and we struck up a conversation as well. He told us that he stayed at Christopher Columbus Condos on one of his first trip to the islands for his honeymoon! The small world adage is definitely true on this intimate island.

After our nice chat, the manager sent over a dessert pizza-pie that was sinfully good. It was made with Nutella, fire-roasted marshmallows, caramel and had graham cracker crust sprinkled on top. It seemed we didn't leave a single crumb behind. We left the Brooklyn feeling happy, trendy and full. We all agreed that it was an amazing meal and that we would enjoy the chance to visit again in the near future.

The Brooklyn is located on Market Street in Camana Bay. They also have outdoor seating if you're in the mood for enjoying the beautiful Cayman elements. Check out their website for their full menu and dining hours: www.thebrooklyncayman.com.

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