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The shiny, blue and orange Paradise Coffee bags are a morning staple for many of us while staying at CCC. Each bag’s label proudly says “Cayman Islands own boutique roaster.” As a huge coffee lover, I was excited to learn more about Cayman’s very own coffee roaster. Founder and owner, Fritz Sajovitz, kindly invited us to see where the coffee magic happens! We caught Fritz between batches of coffee, and he generously shared about himself and the coffee roasting process. 

Born in Austria, Fritz worked in the restaurant business in Bermuda for 25 years, where he got a lot of industry-level experience with coffee. Once he got married, he began looking for a new line of work to avoid the hectic schedules of the restaurant world. Coffee seemed like the perfect fit, so Fritz and a partner started Coffee Works Bermuda and learned the ropes over the next few years.

In 2006, Fritz made the move to Cayman and founded Paradise Coffee. Originally, Paradise Coffee provided the island with single-serve coffee products (think Keurig) and coffee-based water filtration systems for both the home and office. In 2012, Fritz added the in-house roasted coffee we know and love today, while still offering a full selection of other coffees and coffee-preparation products. 

To learn how to roast coffee, Fritz attended a few technical trainings across the western hemisphere—one in Stanford, Idaho, and another in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Jamaica. With roasting foundations in place, he began the fun part—tinkering. “You’ve got your basic knowledge and then there’s trial and error. You just keep on roasting and roasting and tasting and tasting. And you learn by making mistakes sometimes.”

In order to help ensure your perfect cup, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Fritz explained some of the ins and outs of roasting. “In the roasting process you make the coffee taste the way you want it to taste. It’s not just light, medium, and dark roast. It depends on air flow, on the increase of temperature. If it goes faster than 20 degrees per minute, the coffee will taste different than if it goes 17 degrees per minute.”

Quality and consistency are Fritz's top priorities. He mentioned that, unfortunately, many coffee drinkers are used to the stale taste that goes along with run-of-the-mill grocery store coffee. If you're in this camp, don't worry, Fritz can help. He sets a much shorter "best if enjoyed by" date on each bag of coffee so you can savor peak taste and freshness. 

If you want to hear more technical ins and outs of coffee roasts, check out this video excerpt of our interview.

A Diedrich roaster powers Paradise Coffee, and it can hold 26 pounds of beans per roast. One roast takes around 17-18 minutes, but that can change depending on the flavor profile that’s desired. All in all, this works out to around 3 roasts an hour, up to 500 pounds a day, and 18,000 to 20,000 pounds a year! After that much work, Fritz definitely deserves a cup himself, so I asked how he takes his coffee—with a little bit of milk and sugar in the morning and black in the afternoon.

Next time you’re on island, pick up one of these blue bags of happiness at one of the local grocery stores or stop by Paradise Coffee’s freestanding location off North Sound Road. Our personal favorite blend is Cayman Coconut, but other popular roasts include Cayman Gold, Seven Fathoms (rum-infused!), and Good Morning Cayman. If you stop in, say hi to Fritz, and be sure ask him about his classic Minolta camera—he’s also a camera and photography buff!

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Are you dreaming of the Cayman Islands? Whether you're yearning to return or hoping to come for the first time, these 9 ideas will take you to warm palm tree breezes, soft, white sand and salty beaches filled with the crystal clear, blue water that only Cayman can offer. They'll help you "be" in Cayman even when you're not here.

  1. Make tropical cocktails!

Nothing sets the mood like a couple of tropical drinks! Whip a few up for you and some friends with our recipes here and you're sure to feel the island vibe.

spotify island playlist
  2. Put an island playlist together.

Want to feel it in your soul? Add some Marley, Buffett and Santana and you'll have the start to a perfect island playlist! Don't have time to put a playlist together? You can listen to my Spotify list here.

  3. Read a Cayman book.

Books help us transcend our surroundings. Read A Cayman Childhood Remembered and you'll be in Georgetown with a sweet little girl who runs barefoot, knows the name of every island tree and loves her Caymanian family.


  4. Cook a Caymanian dish.

Take your tastebuds to Cayman with this yummy Caymanian Coconut Dinner. And if you're lucky enough to have access to conch then try this recipe for Conch Fritters that Cayman Luxe just posted.

coffee mug on beach hut table
  5. Brew coconut coffee.

Drift to the seaside with a cup of Coconut infused coffee from Paradise Coffee. Pick up a bag to take home with you on your next trip, and in the meantime get your fix by adding coconut milk or oil to your morning cup of Joe.


  6. Hang a painting.

Put a painting up that reminds you to slow down. This one of Seven Mile Beach does just the trick for us! You can paint your own like our friend Rusty did, or purchase a painting from a local vendor next time you're on island.


  7. Watch a film set in Grand Cayman.

Travel to Cayman with Tom Cruise in The Firm or give indie film Haven a go. While there aren't a ton of options at this time, CayFilm is hoping to change that by getting the word out that Cayman is a world-class filming destination. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a romantic comedy! 

heart in sand
  8. Set your desktop or mobile background to a scene from Seven Mile Beach.

Get in a Cayman state of mind at work or every time you check your phone! Save this image for your desktop background or set it as your phone screensaver.

underwater photo of girls with sand dollars
  9. Make a list of things you want to do on your next trip.

If you make a list then you'll surely want to check it off! Dream a little Cayman dream and pick out things you want to do on your next trip. Need more ideas? Head on over to our Things to Do page.

Hopefully these 9 tips will take you to a place where worries don't exist! And when these tips don't give you your temporary Cayman fix then it's time to book a condo, catch a plane and take a seat on Seven Mile Beach!

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"He's like your favorite uncle," were my fiance's words after we met Max Hillier at Casa 43. Max is the co-owner of Casa 43 Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar, and he spreads positive energy wherever he goes.

taco and steak from casa 43

Max has one gear, and it's GO! If he's passionate about something, strap on your seatbelt and try to keep up. From the short time I got to spend with Max, I could tell that while he is extremely motivated by success, he doesn't get lost in the weeds or lose sight of what really matters in life, either. You pretty much want to be this man's best friend after meeting him.

As the title tells, Max is originally from South Africa. He became a world traveling dive instructor and adventure seeker at a young age, living and working in places like Cayman Brac, Micronesia, Egypt, Mexico, The Himalayas and more. Through it all, he kept coming back to Cayman Brac, and when he found out that one of the resorts there was looking for a manager he told their corporate team that he could do that. Even though he had no experience managing a resort he told them that he knew Cayman Brac better than anyone, and due to his contagious passion and determination they hired him.

While living in "The Brac" (I learned locals call themselves "Brackers."), he also became President of the Sister Islands Tourism Association and helped them create a whole new brand to promote both Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. 

In the meantime, while Max was living on "The Brac" his parents moved to Grand Cayman; and so they were able to visit quite often. After his father passed away, Max wanted to be closer to his mom and moved to "the big city" or as it's better known, Grand Cayman.

Things were pretty serendipitous from there. He got invited to play golf with some guys—several restaurant owners and property owners, including the man that owns the building that now houses Casa 43. He said he had no golfing experience, but he must have played decent enough because they invited him back. This same group of people, who would become great friends of Max's, ended up introducing him to his would-be business partner Lloyd. When the space became available (a small back-door type of space that you literally enter in a side door behind Copper Falls Steakhouse) Max and Lloyd's buddies told them that they should open a restaurant there together. Lloyd knowing the Cayman culinary scene inside and out and Max being a branding guru was a great combo, and they decided to go for it. The trick was in deciding what type of restaurant to open. They aspired to open something that would work for the community and the actual environment of the space. They envisioned opening a place that made people feel completely immersed and transported once they walked through the doors. 

Again, serendipity took the wheel. Max met his would-be wife, Candice, at a Pirate's Week Festival and began traveling back and forth from Atlanta to see her (where she lived). While in Atlanta, he stumbled upon a great Mexican restaurant called Alma Cocina; what he referred to as a modern Mexican kitchen. He knew this was the type of restaurant that he and Lloyd needed, and now all he had to do was convince Lloyd. Max got Lloyd to come to Atlanta with him for research, and after 2 days and 13 restaurants he saw Lloyd's lightbulb go off when they entered Alma Cocina.

From there they decided to open Casa 43, a culturally immersive, authentic and up-market Mexican restaurant in the "little hole in the wall space" behind Copper Falls Steakhouse. When I walked up to the restaurant for the first time, I was somewhat skeptical as we had to go around the side of the building to enter a side door, and then you walk in and it's this amazing little place. You feel like you've discovered some exciting underground secret.

max writing specials, gaucamole, aztec god decor

Max drew inspiration for the decor, the food and the branding from a life-changing 5 month stay he'd had in Mexico during his world-traveling days. Every dish is thoughtfully crafted. The Aztec calendar is incorporated into their logo, and 43 is their address. The menu boasts that their tortillas are hand made by a woman named, Sandra and points out things like Max's favorite salad. Plus, they claim to have the best kid's menu on the island with options like Mahi Mahi with vegetables.

They decided to add the Tequila Bar concept as a part of the experience, too, and now serve over 80 different tequilas including a $100 shot which Max called the YOLO shot. The entire bar is great, though. We had the best mojitos of our life there and at my fiance's begging, I asked Max for the recipe twice which he somehow avoided. ;) Max shared that it's important to create a conversation in every aspect of your business, and they have definitely achieved this—setting a new precedence in my opinion.

bartenders waiting on guests at bar

My favorite part of the entire experience though was entering the restaurant, and I think Max explained it best, "You're going to feel like you've been welcomed into somebody's home." And that pretty much sums up CaymanKind.

P.S. Today is Casa 43's 2nd Birthday! If you're in Cayman stop by and give them congrats or wish them a Happy Birthday on their Facebook page.

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deck looking over marinaThe day I walked into Catch Restaurant & Lounge to interview owner, Walter Fajette, was also the day the power went out across all of West Bay (due to a car taking out an electric pole). It was lunchtime and the restaurant was without power. Things were a little hectic, but Walter still made time to sit down with me to tell his story. Amidst all of that, Walter was cool, calm, collected and extremely courteous and welcoming. Five minutes in and I was already impressed. His Italian accent didn't hurt either. :)

Walter moved to Cayman from Italy in 1996, planned to stay for 6 months but ended up staying for 20 years instead. He relishes the relaxing lifestyle, but has by no means been lazy with his time here. He and his business partner Cristiano own and operate two extremely successful restaurants on the island: Catch and Agua.

Seven years ago, after working as wait staff together at Calypso, Walter and Cristiano decided to open Agua. Walter has always had a thing for hospitality having started hotel school at 13 years old in Italy and working at Disney Land in Florida early in his career. He loves talking to people, has a great knowledge of the American pallet and likes to surprise guests with thoughtful details. Walter used all of these talents to help turn Agua into the popular upscale restaurant it is today. A couple of guest favorites include Peruvian Ceviche and Wasabi Tuna.

table set for twoJust about 2 years ago, when Walter and his partner heard about a real estate opportunity near Calypso at Morgan's Harbor, they jumped at the opportunity to open another restaurant. They knew exactly what kind of restaurant they wanted to open because they had worked next to the property while at Calypso. While Agua has a city vibe, they wanted to do something totally new with Catch by creating a restaurant with the same quality and service patrons of Agua had come to know, but this time with a Caribbean vibe. Walter and his partner have been intentional with every detail in creating the Catch atmosphere; from the colanders that your bread is served in to the doily coasters wrapped around your glasses and the decision to skip table cloths for a more genuine feel it's all been thought out. Guest favorites include the Tuna Sashimi and the Fresh Catch which changes everyday with options like Trigger Fish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Black Fin Tuna, Grouper, Snapper, Mahi and Wahoo.

Many patrons will eat at Catch one night and then turn around and go to Agua the next night. Repeat customers ask Walter where he'll be working, so they can catch up with the amiable owner—many have become like family. After talking with Walter, it's easy to understand that he is a big part of the restaurant brands and that he truly loves the business. When vacationing he likes to do research by trying new restaurants and describes himself as a visual customer—paying attention to the details and what delights him, so that he can consistently incorporate fresh new ideas. Once he and his business partner have mastered something, they strive to add something else to the mix.

Walter kite surfingAside from co-owning two awesome restaurants, Walter also owns a kite surfing business. Before actually opening either restaurant, he turned his passion for kite surfing into a business by teaching it. As he talked about the water sport, he lit up with such joy and explained that it helps him clear his head. I reminded him that it was dangerous and he just laughed and said that the first thing he does every morning is check the wind. Apparently, 15-20 knots is the perfect wind speed for a great kite surf. You can often catch Walter "up in the air" at Barker's National Park which is a favorite spot for local kite surfers.

engaged to be marriedWhile describing his love for Cayman, Walter said the #1 thing is the weather. It's almost always the same and makes the lifestyle more relaxed. It allows him and his fiancée, Sandy, to enjoy hours on the beach together and because the weather is so nice you need less things. You can throw on a t-shirt, pair of shorts and flip flops and be out the door. What was cool was seeing two totally different sides of Walter. He said that he loved the restaurant business because no two days are the same, but he loves Cayman weather because it is always the same. I guess we all need some things to surprise us and some things to rely on. Having a good mix is a great recipe for life. Walter and the love of his life are getting married in April, and they are very happy to call Cayman home. Many well wishes to the happy couple!

Meet more Caymanians and expats living in Cayman.
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At Casanova Italian restaurant in George Town "Mariana will make that happen" is a common phrase. Probably because Mariana DOES make it happen.

What is it? Anything you could possibly think of. Mairi Ann or "Mariana" as the owner Tony and the Italian wait staff call her, is a jack of all trades with a constant smile on her face. (Her actual job title is personal assistant to the owner Tony, which means she is the hiring manager, events & wedding coordinator, handles any business with the government and more.) No is not an answer for Mairi Ann, she takes care of whatever needs to be done, and is more than happy to do so if it means creating a more enjoyable experience for Casanova guests. 

Originally from Toronto, Mairi Ann moved to Grand Cayman island in the early 90's. It was at that time her obsession with Casanova's food and service began. She soon became a regular, frequenting the restaurant at least twice a week, quickly building a close relationship with Tony who became like a brother to her.

"I couldn't get enough of the goodness!"

Four years later, Mairi Ann was once again living in Toronto and traveled back to Cayman for a visit (and some delicious Italian food) during the holidays. By this time, Tony & his brothers were temporarily based out of Café Mediterraneo, due to Hurricane Ivan's 2004 destruction of the original Casanova's location. It didn't take long for Mairi Ann and Tony to fall back into old rhythms, and it was during this special visit that Tony offered for Mairi Ann to join the Casanova family. 

"The warmth of their welcome and their wonderful memory of me, I felt right at home."

Once the rebuilding was complete, Casanova's officially reopened in December 2006 and has been at their current waterfront location, where Mairi Ann began working in the office, ever since.

After talking to Mairi Ann for a short time, it became very clear that she believed in the quality of food and hospitality Casanova's provides to every customer who walks through their door.
Mairi Ann truly embodies the warm and welcoming CaymanKind spirit of those who live on the island.
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5 Perfect Island Cocktails

You get off the airplane at Owen Roberts International, take a short drive to Christopher Columbus Condos and dash to the white sandy beach. Your toes hit the sand and you take a deep relaxing breath as you take in the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. As you park yourself under one of our thatched huts you realize the only thing missing is the perfect island cocktail.

Here are 5 tropical drink recipes that you can easily whip up in your condo kitchen to get a drink in that hand!

1. Callie's Sparkling Pineapple Punch

Named after the gal that first made this for me, this drink is light, fruity and fun. You'll need: 1 fresh pineapple, 1/2 gallon of orange juice, 2 bananas, 1/8 cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of sparkling water and your choice amount of vodka.

  1. Slice the pineapple and bananas. (Put a couple pieces of pineapple aside for garnish.)
  2. Blend the pineapple and banana into a liquid pulp
  3. Add sugar, orange juice, sparkling water and your choice amount of vodka.
  4. Blend, add ingredients to taste and then pour into a pitcher.

Enjoy with a group or store in the fridge for quick drinks later. Will serve 6-8 drinks.

2. Piña Colada with Fresh Coconut 

Pick up a couple of fresh coconuts from a local produce stand or market and get ready for the best Piña Colada! This recipe also calls for rum, so make sure to grab some of our locally brewed rum to make this ultra Caymanian. You'll need: A fresh coconut, 6 oz of pineapple juice, 2 cups of ice, couple of cherries and your choice amount of rum.

  1. Put your pineapple juice, ice and rum into a blender. Blend until nice and smooth.
  2. Poke a couple of holes in the eyes of your fresh coconut and pour out the coconut water into a bowl. Next, crack it all the way open and scrape some of the coconut meat into the bowl as well. Mix and then pour choice amount into the blender.
  3. Blend until smooth and creamy.
  4. Pour cocktail into glasses, and add a cherry to the top to finish it off.

Depending on how much coconut water you add to the mixture this should make enough for 2-4 drinks.

3. Classic Strawberry Daiquiri

You can count on a strawberry daiquiri like a Cayman sunset. You'll need: 12 oz fresh strawberries, 2 limes, 4 tsp of powdered sugar, choice amount of rum, 4 cups of ice and whip cream.

  1. Add strawberries, powdered sugar, rum and ice to blender. Squeeze juice from limes into blender and blend all until smooth and creamy.
  2. Pour drinks from blender into cocktail glass. Add whip cream to the top and garnish with a whole strawberry on the side of the glass.

You may want to bring out the cute little drink umbrella for this one! Should serve about 4 drinks.

4. Dark 'n Stormy with a Lime Twist

The Dark 'n Stormy has picked up in popularity lately. Dare I say it's taken everyone by storm? For each drink you'll need: 1 ginger beer, a shot of dark rum (or choice amount) and 1/2 lime.

  1. Mix 8 oz of ginger beer with choice amount of dark rum.
  2. Cut your 1/2 lime in half. Squeeze one of the wedges into drink and garnish with the other wedge.

Take your highball out on the balcony and enjoy a Cayman sunset.

5. Famous Cayman Mudslide

The Cayman Mudslide was invented and made famous by the Wreck Bar at Rum Point.   Actually, legend has it that the mudslide itself was invented there. The difference between an original "Cayman" mudslide and many commercial mudslides nowadays is that you don't add ice cream or whipped cream to the drink. In it's purest form the mudslide should only consist of vodka, Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream, chocolate syrup and ice.

  1. For this drink you will want equal parts vodka, Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream to your blender. I would suggest 1 oz of each liquor per glass/serving (more or less to your taste and tolerance). :)
  2. Then add about 2 cups of ice to the blender for each glass/serving needed as well. Blend until the mixture is smooth.
  3. Find clear glasses and line each with your chocolate syrup. Pour your lovely mudslide into each glass.

For extra fun you can add a swirl of chocolate to the top of each of your drinks.

A Few Extra Tips

If you have kiddos or adults along that would rather not drink alcohol, you can make any of these drinks (aside from the Mudslide of course) non-alcoholic by simply leaving out the liquor. You can also adjust the amounts of the ingredients to suit your own taste, and throw in some new ingredients if you get spunky. It's fun to experiment.

At the end of the day, though, whether it be the real deal or a mocktail, we hope you have a cold drink in hand as you simply enjoy the beauty of Grand Cayman island from our beachfront.

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Camana Bay is a modern, walkable community with lots of shops, restaurants, recreational areas and even some residential opportunities. The newly developed island town (on the west side of Grand Cayman island near Seven Mile Beach) has been in the works for approximately 8 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

canvas tarp in Camana BayThe beautiful Caribbean inspired architecture and urban townscape are worth a visit alone. The commercial corridors are decorated with with multi-color lighting, lavish island landscaping, welcoming patios and courtyards, benches and water features. My favorite features, though, are the canvas tarps that are artistically stretched above the community in many shapes and colors and the exquisite main corridor that ends at the mouth of the bay.

view from observation towerWhen you visit the community you should come hungry and allow time for a meal, shopping and exploring. First, I suggest walking down the main corridor and appreciating the street view, then you'll want to make the 75 foot climb to the top of the seriously amazing Observation Tower. The views of Camana Bay and beyond are incredible, but the climb up is just as impressive as there is a mosaic mural (one of the largest of its kind in the world) that covers one of the walls for the entire climb up. If stairs aren't your thing, they also have an elevator that stops at each floor so that you can still enjoy the mosaic on the way up.

beet smoothie from JessesAfter a climb like that, it's time to reward yourself by indulging in some delicious cuisine. I suggest Waterfront for brunch. As its name implies it has awesome seating right on the waterfront. We went on a cheery Sunday morning and enjoyed ahhhmazing breakfast food and perfect mid-morning cocktails (extra-spicy bloody Mary and a mimosa made with grapefruit juice). Jesse's Juice Bar and Mizu are perfect lunch options. Really, the group I travel with has made several trips to Camana Bay just for Jesse's Juice Bar. They make healthy smoothies and can be conveniently accessed from one of the parking lots for quick "swing by's." Mizu has great sushi in a swanky little atmosphere. 

For dinner, try Karoo or Ortanique. Karoo has a Brie Burger that is to die for, but fair warning: It is huge! I also had a lemonade ginger cocktail that was made with fresh lemonade. Ortanique is also a culinary joy with desserts that are too good to be true including home made ice cream and warm bread pudding.

Books & Books shopAfter you've had your fill of food you can walk it off by visiting the local retail shops or strolling through the community. There's a cool independent bookstore appropriately called, Books & Books that is great for browsing. They also have regular events including a weekly children's story time. There's also a coffee shop that is conveniently joined to the shop.

If you're in the mood for clothes shopping, there are a couple of luxury shops - NKY Collection stores for men and women and The Jean Bar with premium denim. There are also several retailers that sell swimwear and resort-wear as well as several accessory shops and jewelers. 

If you're looking to chill out, there is a movie theater with regular showings as well as a multitude of special events to choose from on an ongoing basis. For example, every Wednesday night there's an event called Open Canvas where artists set up canvases and paint at will. It's fun to stroll by and see what they're creating. If you have kiddos with you, be sure to check out the water spouts which are popular play areas. With the holidays coming up you'll also want to make repeat visits to see the area transformed into one of the best decorated locations on the island. If you'd like more information about Camana Bay, they have a lively website that's updated daily:

entrance to Camana Bay

tarp hanging over town

Mizu asian bistro
  sand angles swimsuit and resort shop
  creative tarps hanging over town
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If you've read the previous blog post about the Cayman Cookout by my friend Kay then you know that the Cayman Cookout was a huge success last weekend. It was an absolutely incredible event!

In addition to culinary events, I attended the annual Wine Fair and Winemaker's Lunch (two anticipated events of the Cayman Cookout), and I wanted to expand on Kay's post with a small feature on these events that are a little piece of heaven for wine lovers! The fair was sponsored by Jacques Scott and the chefs of the Ritz Carlton Hotel. It was held in the ballroom of the Ritz and showcased a wonderful collection of wines that were paired with culinary selections from the chefs of the Ritz. There was a live wine auction and a silent auction that benefited an area Arts Scholarship and the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

The wine tasting station that I spent most of my evening at was that of Marchesi di Barolo, a wine maker out of Barolo, Italy. There they have historic wine cellars in a building that overlooks the Castle of the Marquis Falletti. The manager Valentina Abbona was serving wine at their station and telling us all of the notes and details of the Marchesi di Barolo wine which she was very proud of. All of the vendors were extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

The Winemaker's lunch at the elegant restaurant, Luca, was also a wonderful treat. This year Jon Conover from California's Plumpjack, Cade and Stags Leap wineries hosted a delicious contemporary Italian lunch accompanied by wine parings from the three Napa Valley wineries. He described the wines in great detail and also shared the history of the wineries as he served us during lunch.

I had a wonderful time at all of the Cookout events I was able to attend this year, and as you can see, the Cayman Cookout is not only a foodie paradise, but also a haven for wine lovers! I'm hoping to have the opportunity to return next year to once again enjoy amazing food, wine and friends.

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An Expedition to Rum Point

After a few days on Grand Cayman, my friend Aimee and I got up the courage to announce that we were going to drive around the island to Rum Point. It took courage for us because we weren't used to driving on the "other" side of the road and the 49 kilometer trek (about 30 miles) seemed like a challenge... but one we were willing to accept. Once it was official we got really excited thinking about the adventure ahead of us.

Tip: Before heading out take screenshots of directions from Google Maps to avoid using international data! (Both Aimee and I are American and using your phones here can be pricey. There are also some great maps in some tourist publications. Ask someone in the office to point one out.)

With directions in hand, we made our way through Savannah and were nearing Bodden Town. Since the roads weren't clearly labeled, we questioned if we were going the right way, but somehow we never got lost!

As we were approaching Bodden Town we passed a produce stand. I threw my hands up against the window and squealed "Courtney!!!" like a kid yelling "Candy" passing a candy store. Courtney is a produce salesmen I met on my first trip to the Cayman Islands last year. We found him on a remote stretch of road between Savannah and Bodden Town and there he was in the same remote spot so many months later! Aimee and I were on a Rum Point mission, so we didn't stop, but my heart lifted so high knowing Courtney was still in his usual spot. I would be back to visit him.

After Bodden Town we drove for a long stretch of secluded island land and saw several remote condos and resorts along the way. As we got closer, we began to see signs for Rum Point, heightening our excitement. We knew we had finally arrived when barrels labeled with individual letters spelling out Rum Point welcomed us at the front. A nice couple offered to take a photo of us together at the barrels so we hoisted ourselves up to the barrels and posed away. We were ready for Rum Point, but was it ready for us?

The entry to Rum Point set the island vibe with palm trees dotted along the planked pathways. There were cool colorful signs made with driftwood that told us to, "Relax, You are on Cayman Time." Aimee & I take orders very seriously, so we headed straight to the Wreck Bar and asked the bartender to make some recommendations.

Aimee got the Rum Point Sunset and I went with the Cayman Lemonade then we picked out a seat at one of many open colorful picnic tables. Lights were strung above the picnic tables and food/drink menus tied to coconuts were at each table for Wreck Bar. We scoped out the rest of our surroundings and took some time in lounge chairs while doing some people watching. There were a few people playing sand volleyball and some others in the ocean hanging out with drinks in hand.


After our first drink, I grabbed one more. (Aimee was driving.) I tried the mudslide as I had heard Rum Point was known as the birthplace of the mudslide. It was divine. We went out on the pier to enjoy the view of the massive waves that were further out. With them came massive wind and a great photo opp.

We finished off our time at Rum Point lounging in the hammocks and taking in yet another breathtaking Cayman sunset. As we left we saw a few cats hanging around and tried to coax them over to us, but were unsuccessful. We ran into a worker and asked about the restaurant and Dak Shack. He informed us they were closed for the low season. The low season had it's perks though because although there were enough people around for a small buzz there was still an extremely peaceful lull that hung in the atmosphere.

As we pulled away we both felt a huge sense of accomplishment and pride. We had done it! We made it to Rum Point, and we had enjoyed Rum Point. Now we just had to make it back 30 miles to Christopher Columbus Condos... in the dark!

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