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Of course, we all wish for perfect sunny days when heading to Grand Cayman. We want to be able to soak up the rays, relax on the beach and enjoy the tropical sunshine that has made this island the perfect destination that it is today. I'm going to let you in on a little secret, though. I always wish for one little rain while I'm there. Why? Because the clouds, sky colors, ocean colors and even the occasional rainbows are marvelous in Cayman when it rains. Seriously, the most beautiful skies I've ever seen, especially against the blue sea.

I've rounded up some of my favorite rainy day photos from our archives. Some are taken by guests, others by owners and some by staff here at CCC, but they all share the secret that it's even pretty when it rains in Cayman!

rain in georgetown

rain at rum point

sunset rain

rain clouds at the pool

night rain on the beach

Rainbow over the ocean with a boat.

the rainbow

Rainy days also serve as a reminder to take a moment and just relax. During one of my vacations at CCC, I ended up staying on the condo property all day because it was rainy and that ended up being the most relaxing day of all because I wasn't running here there and everywhere. The group I was with got together and cooked a lovely dinner and it was just overall one of those days that I felt very grateful for — a memory I will cherish.

So next time you're in Cayman I wish you mostly sunny days, but if you do get a little rain, now you know it can be a beautiful experience, too.

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There is nothing as visually stunning as the colors of the Caribbean. They are vibrant, piercing and full of life. It's amazing how they truly represent the island spirit and speak to the souls of those that dream of paradise throughout the day.

One of our owners, Kay Emrick, recently sent me a curated set of Cayman photos that show the colors of the Caribbean in everything from paddleboards to the sea to people celebrating. Here are some of our favorites:

waves hit beach


pink flowers with bee

women dressed for Batabano Carnival

sunset with sailboat

pink and purple flowers


orange flowers


Need more Caribbean color in your life? Follow us on Instagram to feed your island soul from afar or even better check out our condos and come see it for yourself! Thank you to our friend Kay for sharing these lovely images.

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