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Are you dreaming of the Cayman Islands? Whether you're yearning to return or hoping to come for the first time, these 9 ideas will take you to warm palm tree breezes, soft, white sand and salty beaches filled with the crystal clear, blue water that only Cayman can offer. They'll help you "be" in Cayman even when you're not here.

  1. Make tropical cocktails!

Nothing sets the mood like a couple of tropical drinks! Whip a few up for you and some friends with our recipes here and you're sure to feel the island vibe.

spotify island playlist
  2. Put an island playlist together.

Want to feel it in your soul? Add some Marley, Buffett and Santana and you'll have the start to a perfect island playlist! Don't have time to put a playlist together? You can listen to my Spotify list here.

  3. Read a Cayman book.

Books help us transcend our surroundings. Read A Cayman Childhood Remembered and you'll be in Georgetown with a sweet little girl who runs barefoot, knows the name of every island tree and loves her Caymanian family.


  4. Cook a Caymanian dish.

Take your tastebuds to Cayman with this yummy Caymanian Coconut Dinner. And if you're lucky enough to have access to conch then try this recipe for Conch Fritters that Cayman Luxe just posted.

coffee mug on beach hut table
  5. Brew coconut coffee.

Drift to the seaside with a cup of Coconut infused coffee from Paradise Coffee. Pick up a bag to take home with you on your next trip, and in the meantime get your fix by adding coconut milk or oil to your morning cup of Joe.


  6. Hang a painting.

Put a painting up that reminds you to slow down. This one of Seven Mile Beach does just the trick for us! You can paint your own like our friend Rusty did, or purchase a painting from a local vendor next time you're on island.


  7. Watch a film set in Grand Cayman.

Travel to Cayman with Tom Cruise in The Firm or give indie film Haven a go. While there aren't a ton of options at this time, CayFilm is hoping to change that by getting the word out that Cayman is a world-class filming destination. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a romantic comedy! 

heart in sand
  8. Set your desktop or mobile background to a scene from Seven Mile Beach.

Get in a Cayman state of mind at work or every time you check your phone! Save this image for your desktop background or set it as your phone screensaver.

underwater photo of girls with sand dollars
  9. Make a list of things you want to do on your next trip.

If you make a list then you'll surely want to check it off! Dream a little Cayman dream and pick out things you want to do on your next trip. Need more ideas? Head on over to our Things to Do page.

Hopefully these 9 tips will take you to a place where worries don't exist! And when these tips don't give you your temporary Cayman fix then it's time to book a condo, catch a plane and take a seat on Seven Mile Beach!

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Since his childhood, Scott Hartwell has always had a love of nature and the outdoors. Growing up in the heart of the West Midlands in England, he took every opportunity to explore the beautiful English countryside and woodlands.

After primary school and because of his natural ability with numbers, “Happy,” as he is known by friends, studied business and finance for 3 years at a university in the seaside town of Plymouth. His goal was to get, in his own words, “a proper job” in the world of business. But not long after graduating and entering the workforce, Scott found himself restless, and adventure beckoned him out of the office. He spent the next two years traveling Australia and Norway, where he further cultivated his love of outdoors by hiking and whitewater rafting.

After returning to England, Scott then joined a large company where in his words, “I worked the nine-to-five and joined the rat race” for the next 5 years. During his work tenure, Scott decided to take a course on SCUBA diving at a local quarry, and the rest, as they say, is history. On a particularly gray and rainy England day, he decided that a warmer climate was just what he needed. With his new found love of SCUBA diving, he packed up for South Africa and began turning his hobby into a career.

In 2010, Scott moved to Grand Cayman and has been working with the team at Living the Dream Divers ever since. As a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, he is absolutely passionate about diving and interacting with all of the “creatures” he is fortunate to meet on a daily basis. However, Scott’s greatest joy is to share this amazing world under the sea with others!

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