A Glimpse into Caymanian Island Life

by Toni Keesee

Shelly Miller was soaking up precious moments with her granddaughter at Rum Point when I met her. I had just gotten a famous Rum Point mudslide and sat it on a picnic table next to her while I got my purse and camera situated. She casually started talking to me telling me that the “best part is in the straw” pointing towards my drink. And she was right. The bartenders had filled the straw with the best ingredient in the mudslide, Kahlua. She talked to me like she already knew me and we started an easy, friendly conversation.

While her granddaugther was playing in the sand, Shelly pointed out a picnic table that was filled with lively adults a couple tables away and told me she was with that crew. It was like she was taking time to step outside of the group and appreciate her friends banter and camaraderie as an onlooker. It’s hard to describe but she was a very cool, calm and happy person who was content being still. In such a busy world, it was refreshing.

She told me that she worked in finance and real estate and that she enjoyed it, but I could tell it didn’t define her. It seemed like Shelly really had the island life figured out which would make sense because as I was talking with her I discovered that she was Caymanian and born in Old Man Bay; so she was at home and to her I was just passing through on another blissful day at Rum Point.