Get to know the Christopher Columbus staff—Hiraydis

Hiraydis Rivero has been with Christopher Columbus for one year. She says many people have trouble pronouncing her name, so it’s okay if you call her Miss Iris for short when you see her around the condos.

Hiraydis moved to Grand Cayman from Cuba with her husband, Olisdel. She loves the Cayman people, and recommends that every visitor to the island gets out there to meet them! The friendliness of the Caymanians is what she likes best—they’re always happy to see you. She says the food around the island is pretty great, too, and her favorite dish is chicken with vegetables. For fun she likes to put on her dancing shoes and listen to live music, especially steel bands and any kind of Cuban music from back home.

She also loves meeting new people, so be sure to say hello and introduce yourself the next time you’re visiting!