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Things To Do

A few of our favorites!

We've hand-picked a few of our favorite island activities. Browse the countdown below, and make sure to check out our tourism resources and our blog for even more to do!

20. Hold a Baby Turtle

The Cayman Turtle Farm is one of the island's most popular tourist sites. While there you'll see turtles of all sizes, and you can even hold the smaller ones! You'll also have the opportunity to get some great snapshots of the iguanas that run loose on the farm.


19. Soak up the Sun at Rum Point

Spot people kicking back with "No Problem Mon" and you've found Rum Point! An atmosphere of pure delight, Rum Point is a beachfront destination located on the north side of Grand Cayman. Walk out on the pier, chill out in a hammock, grab a bite to eat at Rum Point Club or enjoy a cold one from Wreck Bar. (It is the birthplace of the mudslide after all!) There's also great snorkeling as well as water sports available directly from the beach.


18. Take a Horseback Swim

Experience the wild freedom of a horseback swim or horse "surfing" as some call it. Ride carefree down the coastline and then prepare yourself for the awesome dip you'll take in the ocean with your new equestrian friend. Get your fix with Pampered Ponies.


17. Bike the West Bay Loop

Take in tropical sites, sounds and open air by cycling the West Bay Loop! Tours and bike rentals are available for this nine mile loop of flat terrain. While en route you'll pass Seven Mile Beach, the Turtle Farm, Car Museum, Hell Post Office, Barker's National Bark and four waterfront bars and restaurants.


16. Play on the Water

StandUp Paddling, Kayaking, Wakeboarding, Kiteboarding... you name it, Grand Cayman has it when it comes to water sports! See the island from the sea while having fun and getting active. Here are a few businesses that offer water sport rentals and lessons: The Sweet Spot, Cayman StandUp Paddle Co, White Sand Water Sports.


15. Enjoy Island Shopping

Local shops, clothing boutiques, bookstores and more await you in Camana Bay and Georgetown. Find that  treasured souvenir, perfect outfit or a new book to read on the beach.


14. Snuggle up with Stingrays

Take a trip out to Stingray City to chill out on the reef and most importantly to hold a stingray. Cayman is well known for Stringray City, and it's one trip that you can't miss! And don't fret the stingrays at Grand Cayman are friendlier than puppies. 


13. Visit the Botanical Garden

The botanic park (Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park) is an oasis of tropical plant life. Walk the trail in silence for a peaceful experience with nature, or amp up the excitement and see who can find the most unique flower or who can get closest to the plump iguanas! Ask the park concierge for the kids activity book. It's free and fun for kids of all ages!


12. Go Underwater Diving and Snorkeling

The Cayman Islands offer some of the best diving and snorkeling on Earth. Discover exciting marine life and our beautiful underwater landscape with some of the friendliest guides around. Check out Cemetery Reef, Starfish Point or Wreck of the Cali for snorkeling and get in touch with a dive group to take the full plunge.


11. Tour the Mangrove Wetlands

Learn all about the amazing ecosystem of the Mangrove Wetlands by boat, kayak, snorkel or dive trip and experience the scenery by day or night. Day time and full moon kayak tours are available as well as night time boat rides to experience the bioluminescent sea life (glowing creatures).


10. Unwind at a Local Spa

You're on vacation! Take some time to treat yourself to a massage or facial at one of many fantastic spas on Grand Cayman. Pamper yourself and recharge before you return to the mainland.


9. Indulge in Cayman Dining

From chill island kitchens to the finest dining Grand Cayman has the atmosphere and tastes you're craving. Dine in a remote beach front restaurant. Taste test Cayman dishes from local chefs. Pick out fresh fish from the Georgetown market and bring it to a nearby restaurant for preparation. The options go on and on! Ask our concierge for a full guide.


8. Swim with Dolphins

Head to Dolphin Cove to swim, kiss and dance with dolphins in their natural environment. The dolphins will push you up by your feet so you rise up out of the water, and if you grab onto their fin they'll take you for a high speed swim that you won't soon forget.


7. Experience Pirates Week

The Cayman Islands are well known for Pirates Week Festival which takes place the first week in November. Celebrations take place all over the island including band competitions, food competitions, parades and parties. Every year, two large ships come sailing into Georgetown's bay to battle and capture the Governor!


6. Explore Island Neighborhoods

Grand Cayman has many eclectic neighborhoods that can turn a simple drive into an exciting expedition. Have fun admiring upscale homes in the South Sound. Find the blow holes in East End. Check out the Mission House in Bodden Town and grab some fresh produce in the Savannah. Whatever you do, get off the beaten path and find your own little piece of Cayman!


5. Find Starfish Point

Encounter beautiful Caribbean starfish at Starfish point. The best time to catch these fascinating sea creatures is during low tide, and the remote beach is only a few minutes drive from Rum Point on the north side of the island.


4. Cruise the Caribbean

Rent a boat and revel in the refreshing sights and sounds of the open waters. Pack a lunch and set sail around the island to appreciate Grand Cayman from a new perspective. 


3. Marvel at a Sunset

Cayman sunsets will leave you breathless. Day after day you will be amazed at the beauty painted across the sky as the sun retires. Set aside at least one night on your trip to pause and simply appreciate this wonder.


2. Relax on Seven Mile Beach

Everyday on Grand Cayman should include some R&R on Seven Mile Beach. Weather it's your morning coffee or an afternoon of sunning, make time for taking advantage of this world renowned beach.


1. Repeat

Enjoy Seven Mile Beach time and time again. Bring a book to read under a hut, or take a dip in the clear blue ocean water. You can even snorkel directly from the beach. So many opportunities await you on Seven Mile beach, and you will quickly understand why this is one activity you have to repeat!


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