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COVID-19 Response*

Airport Closure in Grand Cayman—All Reservations Affected Will Be Refunded

*Please note, this is an ever-evolving situation. Keep an eye on this space as well as the Cayman Compass for the most up to date news about travel restrictions.

As of this Sunday, March 22nd, all air travel to and from the Cayman Islands will be shut down until further notice. As you can imagine, our property manager, Lisa, is buried with emails and phone calls to work on canceling and rescheduling planned vacations.

We wanted to send you this notice to inform you of the travel restriction. If you have a reservation that's affected by the airport closure or by COVID-19 in general, we want to assure you that you will get a full refund on your reservation from Christopher Columbus Condos. (American Express cardholders will get a full refund on the payment CCC received, but we will unfortunately not be able to refund the fee that American Express charges.)

Please note: it may take a bit of time for Lisa or Josephine to get to your reservation as they work through all of these changes. If you’d like to read more on the airport closure or situation in Cayman please visit the Cayman Compass website here: Cayman Compass

We will send you updates per travel as new information is available, especially for those of you that are set to arrive within the coming months.

Our hearts are heavy, as we know your vacation is something you’ve looked forward to for some time. We will miss you, and hope you will choose to reschedule or come see us another time. The island won’t be the same without our friends from across the globe here. Please keep us in your thoughts as we navigate a quiet Cayman, and we will do the same for all of you. We are truly stronger together.

In the meantime, Lisa and Josephine in our office are working diligently to get all cancellations and rescheduled vacations sorted out. We can’t thank you enough for your patience.

On a lighter note, if you’d like some ideas for how to enjoy Cayman from home. Here’s a post we wrote a while back on “How to be in Cayman When You’re not in Cayman.”

We’re praying for safety and health for all of you.

—Warmest of Wishes, CCC Staff, Board & Marketing Team

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